Profesional Image Program for New World Printing Corporation

One of the organizations that I am part of is BNI Philippines, the local counterpart of the global organization, Business Network International. One of my colleagues from BNI, Richard Cuan, is the owner of New World Printing Corporation, an industry leader in large format color printing in the country.

Richard sought my expertise in Professional Image, and asked me to mentor key people from his company. My guiding principles as I worked on my proposal for them were the company’s core values: Integrity, customer centricity, and innovation.

There were two goals that Richard wanted to achieve through this training session. First, to boost the confidence of the members of his marketing team, in order for them to be more effective when interacting with clients. Second, he wanted his accounting group to build on self-confidence as well, in order to develop their professional image.

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My 3-day intensive workshop with New World Printing Corporation took place on December 27-29, 2017 at the NWPC offices. We chose to schedule the sessions over the Christmas season, since the employees are a lot less busy during those times.

A different topic was discussed on each training day. Our first session covered Confidence and Credibility. Under this topic, we tackled how to dress appropriately using the right colors and styles for your body shape, and good grooming. Day two was dedicated to Personal Branding and Image Enhancement. Under this topic, we discussed image management, the visual impact a person makes on others, and dining etiquette. We also discussed embodying brand values and goal fulfillment. On the third day, we moved on to Business Etiquette, and held the graduation ceremony for the attendees.

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Each day was filled with activities, ensuring that the sessions were fun as well as informative. We held strategic planning sessions as a group. There were role playing activities where participants were tasked to discuss and present a topic using their own unique presentation styles and methods.

The public speaking activities gave me a good opportunity to assess each participant’s level of confidence, allowing me to adjust to the needs of each one throughout the training.

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At the end of my three days with them, the employees of New World Printing really did show an increase in confidence and positive image enhancement. Evidence of this was clearly seen through the before and after photo shoot we had as one of our activities.

For the after photos, it was wonderful to see them considering my image assessments and applying my suggestions and recommendations. They were empowered, with a stronger professional presence. Their body language showed greater self-assurance as well.

Here are a few scenes from my workshop with New World Printing Corporation employees.

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