Ms. TM’s Davao Food Trip

You must have read a lot of blogs or features on different food trips in Davao. I am also a fan of watching and reading those.  But since I started my wellness walk, I decided to do my own food trip features of restaurants that offer healthy and organic foods.

First up in my blog will be my trip to Davao—our President’s hometown. Well actually, Davao is very close to my heart.  I love the people there. I have really good friends in Davao and this is the reason why I keep going back. But after discovering many excellent eating places in Davao that promote healthy living and overall wellness, I have more reasons now to return to this beautiful place.

If you are planning to visit Davao or looking for healthy options for dining, here are the places I visited and highly recommend that you try:

  • If you want to experience rural life at its best, visit Balik Bukid Farm and Kitchen and savor the clean air and healthy produce that are freshly harvested everyday.
  • Also another great place to visit to witness farm life is Bemwa Farms, and try out their many organic crops and products.
  • You would also be surprised that we actually have a local organic milk manufacturer—Bukidnon Milk Company—that is a better option than known store-bought milks.
  • Green Bounty is a farm-to-table business that offers organic chicken, organic produce like kale, tomatoes and lettuce, and they also have organic pesto, pasta sauces and salad dressings.
  • Minkah’s Kitchen is an organic restaurant and specialty store that serves your favorite Filipino dishes in healthier variation.
  • Davaoeños can find haven in the midst of their busy schedule by dining at Sea Green Café and Lifestyle Shop.
  • Know more about Slim Snacks and how they let you enjoy sweets the healthy way.
  • Healthy eating can now be on-the-go and be delivered anywhere you may be, thanks to Urban Diet Davao.

I was quite impressed with the range of healthy eating and dining options one can choose from in Davao City. I am looking forward to come back to this city and once again discover more wholesome and healthy food trips with my dear friends.

How about you? Are there any interesting healthy food places in your area that offers wholesome food and promotes healthy and organic eating habits? Do share them in the comments below. I would love to check them out and feature them on the blog too.