My First Days in the City: Ms. TM Travels to Moscow, Part 2

This is the second post in a 3-part series on my business and leisure trip to Russia in April 2016. Read Part 1 here.

The great thing about choosing an early morning flight is that you still have an entire day to spend on work and leisure. This was exactly the case for me after I had settled into my hotel in Moscow, the Radisson Slavyanskaya.

Read more about my arrival in Russia in Part One of my Ms. TM Travels to Moscow series.

Moscow – Day One

The first item on my itinerary was a lunch meeting at Uryuk Café at Evropeyskiy, the European Mall just a short distance away from the hotel. The café serves Uzkbek food, a cuisine that was unfamiliar to my Filipino palette. The meal was very interesting – Hearty with bold flavors, and definitely a must-try for anyone.

With my work commitments done for the morning, I had a few hours free to explore this new city I was in.

Again, the early schedule worked to my advantage. When travelling for work, I really recommend careful scheduling of your meetings and tasks so you have time in between to relax and de-stress. It’s a great way to mix business and leisure when travelling.

Luckily, my excitement to explore was stronger than my jet lag, and I had enough energy to check out the Moscow metro stations that afternoon. My Russian friend, Anastasia, came along, and taught me how to use the metro. I recommend trying this mode of transportation at least once, as each station is a sight to behold, truly magnificent as if it were a museum.

If you would rather travel by car, your options are Uber or the local taxi app, YandexTaxi. Both are easily downloadable on the AppStore and GooglePlay. There are no taxi stations, and you need to call for a cab each time you want to ride, otherwise the rate will be extremely high.

A quick training session followed my Metro tour. Afterwards, for dinner that evening, I found myself back at Evropeyskiy with my friend Anastasia and Dr. Lilianna Myslovich, A professor in the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) in the department of aesthetic medicine; gives lectures on laser equipment application in cosmetology.  This time we tried out Goodman Steak House, which serves European cuisine. Bellies full, it was time to turn in after a very long day.

Moscow – Day Two

The morning of my second day in Moscow was again spent with Anastasia. This time she took me to see Moscow State University and the Sparrow Hills Observation Deck. Atop Sparrow Hills, I got an amazing panoramic view of Moscow, with the majestic university building on one side. It’s a must-see, whether you choose to go up there during the day or at night.

Energized by the amazing view, I was off to work for a few hours. This time I learned about the latest in wellness and beauty laser therapy at a local hospital. This was my only work commitment for the day, and again I had bought myself time to enjoy afterwards.

My leisure time on this day involved a lot of walking, sightseeing and stopping for photos. I got to see the areas of metropolitan government, the Moscow Bridge, and several parks. I enjoyed walking down Arbat Street, the oldest pedestrian street in the city. This is a vibrant tourist destination with its rows of local restaurants and souvenir shops open both day and night.

Another landmark I got to see that day was Christ the Savior Cathedral, the biggest Orthodox Church in Russia. Highly reflective of Russian faith and culture, this place is beautiful by day, and absolutely stunning at night. Tourists are free to come here in the daytime, and the best part is there is no entrance fee required.

Places to Eat in Moscow

My favorite among all the restaurants I got to visit during my trip was Chaihona, which also serves Uzbek cuisine. The ambience here is cozy and relaxing, and dishes are large enough to be shared. I loved the homey and relaxed ambience of the restaurant. The interiors are well-planned, and even the restrooms are beautifully designed. This mixed with its great food and good music makes this place a really special one for me.

Other restaurants you should definitely check out are:

Plan to spend anywhere from $30 to $50 for a meal at any of these places, as well as those I talked about in my earlier posts.

For budget-friendlier options, try some of these local fast food restaurants:

There’s a lot more fun coming up in day three. I can’t wait to share the rest of my trip with you in the next installment of my Moscow series!