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Let top motivational keynote speaker, Toni Miranda, inspire and transform your audience at your next convention, conference, or event! Whichever is your preferred topic or format, Toni’s keynote presentation will definitely make your event a memorable one.

Toni Miranda as a Motivational
Keynote Speaker

Toni Miranda is a sought-after motivational keynote speaker for conventions, conferences, and events. Local and international associations and corporations often invite her to deliver her holistic, transformative, and gospel-rooted leadership development talks. As a radiant influencer, her reach has gone beyond her native country, the Philippines. Over 50,000 entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporate executives from around the world have witnessed her keynote presentations.

Whether it is a live, virtual, or on-demand keynote, Toni takes her audience on an unforgettable and delightful journey of self-discovery and transformation. Furthermore, no matter how small or big the audience is, each event Toni graces becomes a remarkable learning experience for leaders and aspiring leaders.


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Choose your Keynote Format

Do you want to invite Toni to speak at your next event? Whether it is live or virtual, you can be inspired by Toni. Moreover, she has on-demand keynote presentations you may watch at your ideal time and place. Hence, whichever is your preferred format, you now have the opportunity to learn from one of the top motivational keynote speakers!

Live Keynote

Do you want to empower your audience at your next live event? Invite Toni to deliver an inspiring keynote presentation on leadership through personal transformation.

Virtual Keynote

Is your next event going to be conducted virtually? Don’t worry! Toni’s virtual keynote presentations are as holistic and transformative as her live talks!

On-Demand Keynote

If you want to learn from Toni at your ideal time and place, you may opt to watch her on demand keynote presentations!

Keynotes Tailored to Your Audience

What do you want your audience to learn and gain from your event? In what areas of their lives, do they need inspiration? Toni speaks on various leadership topics that aim to help professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives in their development. Moreover, in her presentations, she shares Radiance’s unique success amplifier system founded on four pillars: clarity, authority, prosperity, and legacy.

Here are some of the most requested topics for Toni’s keynote presentations. Simply let her know which topic you would like to focus on. And she would be happy to deliver a keynote presentation tailored for your audience at your next event!

Group 16

Courage and Vulnerability
in the Work place

Yes, both courage and vulnerability are essential in the workplace! But how? Through this keynote, the audience will learn how to use both to make positive changes in the people they lead. They will be able to understand how courage and vulnerability can help them maximize their potentials and perform better as leaders.

Group 16 1

Resilience in the
New Reality

Through this keynote, the audience will discover how to develop resilience and stay motivated in the face of
stress and constantly increasing demands, complexity, and change. Here, Toni will share simple yet tried and tested strategies that will help professionals entrepreneurs, and business executives succeed in spite of challenges. Thus, this keynote will help the audience unlock the power of resilience necessary in the new reality.

Group 16 2

Developing Influence to
Radiant Leadership

This keynote will allow your audience to learn the blueprint for developing their influence into radiant leadership. Here, they will discover how to gain clarity, amplify their authority, achieve prosperity, and create a legacy. Hence, this keynote will help them transform themselves into extraordinary leaders and radiant influencers.

Group 16 3

Transcend Barriers to
Extraordinary Confidence

This keynote gives Toni the opportunity to empower leaders by helping them find their true and lasting source of confidence. They will be able to replace their limiting beliefs with foundational truths that redefine their being. As a result, this will give them a powerful mindset that can help them achieve sustainable success as leaders.

Group 16 2

Creating a Powerful,
Authentic Brand

In this keynote, Toni will guide the audience as they embark on a journey of personal discovery and an inside-out transformation. This will inspire them to create a powerful and authentic brand that reflects the impact and influence of their radiant leadership. Consequently, they will be able to create a legacy as they carry out their mission as leaders.

Group 16 2

Image Strategies in the
Digital Age

Let Toni open the eyes of your audience to the impact and importance of a positive image. This keynote will equip them with the right tools that they need to develop a credible image, polished appearance, and confident presence. These will not only strengthen their impact but will also help them evolve into extraordinary leaders and radiant influencers in the digital age.

Group 16 2

Unlock the Power of Clarity

Through this keynote, the audience will learn how to unlock the power of clarity, the first of the four pillars in Radiance’s unique success amplifier system. Here, Toni will guide them on how to discover their true self, unique gifts, and purpose. This will pave the way for them to lead with integrity, credibility, and authenticity.

Group 16 3

Creating A Purposeful Vision To
Unlock Sustainable Success

How can leaders unlock and achieve sustainable success? It is by pursuing a higher calling that goes beyond here and now. And this starts by having a clear sense of purpose and vision for their leadership. This is what the audience will learn in this inspiring keynote by top motivational speaker, Toni Miranda.

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