Bottoms Up at The Daily Jusa

We all know that stress can cause our bodies to be more vulnerable to sicknesses, especially if our food intake is not at its optimum. But when you start taking all-natural juices on a regular basis, your immune system is enhanced and you get to consume your veggies and fruits in a more fun way. Because I am all for promoting how to keep yourselves strong and healthy from the inside out, I strongly recommend that you try including juices in your daily meals.

Most of us overlook juice in our diets. We know them as full of sugar and commonly artificial. We dismiss natural juices as too off-putting for our taste. However, juice has a lot of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals that we can benefit from especially, when they’re made right. The Daily Jusa, a juice and salad bar along Maginhawa Street in Quezon City, provides a better perspective of how we should view our juices.

When you decide to go on a juice cleanse, it helps your body relax from the stress of digesting solids and focuses on absorbing nutrients in its rawest form instead. Cold-pressed juices are made using a method that does not destroy the vitamins in the fruits and vegetables—something normal blenders and juicers break up. With the proper doctor’s advice and diet plan, a juice cleanse can do wonders for your body. It can help your body detoxify and remove wastes, and absorb just the right amount of water that will also help you lose weight.

Think of juicing as a way for your body to fix itself little by little. A short detox through a juice cleanse can reboot your digestive system and restart your body back into better gear. By consuming lots of vitamins and minerals, you can feel healthier almost immediately with the energy boost the juice provides. Using all natural ingredients, you can be sure that you get the best out of your juice. And The Daily Jusa ensures you get that, through a suitable program, to address your needs.

On my quick visit, I tried their three bottle sampler of the all-natural selections: the Vitality Boost, Summer Delight, and Clean Green flavors all for Php 160. The Vitality Boost drink is a moderately sweet drink with watermelon and spinach, combined with grapes and mustard leaves. The Summer Delight, meanwhile, is a tangy, sweet and sour mix of pineapple, ginger, apple, and mint. The Clean Green flavor is all about the veggies, with a mix of cucumber, romaine, broccoli, celery, and apple. All three drinks are only a small fraction of their 13-bottle selection, with many more variations to choose from—one of which is their A+ drink, a combination of carrot juice, apples and mint leaves. Aside from Fresh fruit and vegetable juices which are priced at Php 160, their menu also include fresh salads (Php 120) and overnight oats (Php 130).

The Daily Jusa accomplishes its goal to promote a healthy and natural juice cleanse to anyone, especially to those who are feeling drained and stressed lately. A gulp of their juices will give you a quick boost and improve your wellness state or simply give you a rejuvenating break from a very hot day.


Address: 111-A Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

Contact Numbers: +639178110769