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Invite Toni Miranda to facilitate a Leadership Development Corporate Workshop for your supervisors, managers, and executives. A leadership expert, she has helped in the personal development of top executives from many corporations.

Leadership Development Programs

Leadership expert, Toni Miranda, helps in the transformation of leaders into radiant influencers. Since 2017, she has facilitated Leadership Development Corporate Workshops for over 6,000 professionals and corporate executives. Her participants learn how to achieve sustainable success through Radiance Image Consultancy’s Leadership Development Programs that are…


Radiance’s Leadership Development Programs will show your employees its unique success amplifier system founded on the four key pillars of sustainable success. Therefore, this will help them develop different areas of their life as a leader.


Toni helps professionals and corporate executives go through a holistic transformation from the inside out. Those who have gone through her Leadership Development Corporate Workshops describe them as something they have never experienced before.


These programs are designed based on Biblical principles that can serve as your employees’ guide in the business world. Hence, through these, they will learn how they can be Christ-centered and purpose-driven leaders.


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Corporate Workshops

Leadership Development Programs

Executive Presence

Empowered Executive Presence

This is Radiance’s flagship Leadership Development Program. Executive presence is that quality of a leader that inspires others to find confidence in his or her leadership. Hence, this corporate workshop aims to take the participants on an inside-out transformation that will enable the leaders to influence positively and inspire others to productivity.

Some Topics Included:

  • Developing Extraordinary Confidence
  • Distinguishing Yourself with an Authentic Personal Brand
  • Cultivating a Powerful Presence with Your Confident Appearance
  • Building Stronger Business Relationships through Etiquette
  • Winning Your Audience through Non-verbal Communication
  • Inspiring Others with Your Digital Presence

Communicating Your powerful
Leadership Brand

This Leadership Development Corporate Workshop will help your participants create a legacy-defining brand that reflects the impact and influence of their leadership. They will learn how to define their vision, set goals, and identify the elements of their brand that they need to develop as a leader.

Some Topics Include:

  • Creating a Personal Vision
  • Designing Your Personal Brand
  • Promoting Your Personal Brand
Leadership Brand

Leadership Ethics and Professionalism

Do your leaders need to improve their work ethics? Do you want to create a standard of professionalism in your company? Radiance Image Consultancy can help realign your leaders with your company’s standards through this Leadership Development Corporate Workshop. Here, participants will learn how to act professional and ethical at all times.

Some Topics Included:

  • Leadership Misconducts and Behaviors to Avoid
  • Developing Strong Work Ethics
  • The Right Kind of Confidence that Matters
  • Work Ethics and Professionalism in Personal Interactions
  • Effective Communication for Leaders
  • Future-Proofing Your Leadership

Professional Wellness

In this holistic corporate workshop, participants will learn how to gain the state of wholeness. Toni will equip them with strategies that will help them attain balance and harmony in the different areas of their life. Moreover, they will learn how to deal with stress and challenges. Lastly, this workshop will give them the opportunity to develop a personal action plan that they can use to navigate the new era.

Some Topics Include:

  • The Most Effective Way of Creating and Breaking Habits to Live a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Discovering Your Purpose and Passion
  • The Professional Wellness Strategy
  • The Power of Relationship Wellness
  • The Power of Mindset
  • Gaining Freedom from Your Longtime Bondages
Professional Wellness
Team Building

Team building

The team is the heart of your operations. Strengthen the core of your company continuously with Radiance Image Consultancy’s team strengthening program. Our courses are designed to build a transformative team that will work together to achieve your business’ goals. Together with Radiance, you can establish a team that sticks together through thick and thin.

We help you achieve your
leadership development goals

Tell us about your requirements, your pain points, and your goals.  Leadership expert, Toni Miranda, will come up with the perfect program that will address all your needs.

Choose your Format

Are you ready to invest in your leaders and transform them into radiant influencers through Radiance’s Leadership Development Corporate Workshops? Toni can help your participants learn through your preferred format. Whether it is a live webinar, a face-to-face workshop, or an on-demand course, expect the same holistic, transformative, and Gospel rooted program for your leaders!

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Face-to-Face Corporate

Do you want your leaders to learn together at the same time and in the same place? Invite Toni to facilitate her most-in demand corporate workshops in your office or chosen venue.

Group 23

Live Webinar

If you prefer a virtual setting, Toni can facilitate the corporate workshop through a live webinar. Your leaders can learn together whether they are in the office, at home, or on the field.

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On-Demand Course

We all know that leaders are busy. But now, they also have the option to learn from Toni through Radiance’s on-demand courses. They may take these courses at their ideal time and place.

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