My Colon Cleanse Experience at Centro Holistico

Have you heard about colon cleanse? Let me tell you about it.

Before, colon cleansing was normally a preparatory process done for those who are undergoing medical procedures such as colonoscopy. However, it has been discovered to also help detoxify the body by eliminating toxins in the colon from additives in our food, chemicals on our vegetables and fruits, and being exposed to other pollutants around us.

Colon cleanse uses gallons of water, sometimes with herbs or coffee, to be flushed through the colon via a tube that is inserted into the rectum. For detoxification, alternative medicine practitioners use coffee enema. A coffee enema is the enema-related procedure of injecting coffee through the anus to cleanse the rectum and large intestines. The positive effect of caffeine on the gastrointestinal tract, bile duct and small intestines was first discovered in 1920 by German scientists. Max Gerson, a German-born American physician who also developed a dietary-based alternative cancer treatment, claimed that caffeine can flow into the smooth muscles of the small intestines and into the liver, and can also remove more toxins and bile than a normal enema; hence the principle of using coffee enema in colon cleansing.

I have heard of the coffee enema many times and some of the benefits, according to Dr. Josh Axe, include the repair of digestive tissues and lessening digestive problems (i.e. chronic constipation, cramps, nausea, etc.), improving gut health and immunity, cleansing the liver, enhancing blood circulation, increasing your energy levels, and at some point providing cellular regeneration, aside from the already evident advantage of flushing out the stubborn toxins from within your gut.

In the Philippines, I have trusted only a few who offer this treatment. Centro Holistico’s colon cleanse facility is very clean. It is complete with a specially designed bed connected straight to their toilet where the flushed enema is eliminated; a nice lavatory with mirror to put your personal belongings; and an ambiance that is very relaxing as if you are inside a spa.

After changing into their lab gown, their experienced nurse explained to me the procedure. I was asked to lay down the bed and my legs placed on top of toilet, which was designed to make my lower legs lay comfortably during the procedure.  They started the procedure by inserting a small hose into my rectum where the enema flows out. I felt the warm mixture of coffee enema entering my stomach. The nurse instructed me to hold the water inside from 20 to 30 seconds and whenever I feel like releasing air or the enema already. By holding on to it, the coffee enema solution will reach up to the liver. At first I thought it was scary, but it is actually not. When I finally released the coffee enema, I felt big relief. I can really feel my colon being cleansed at that moment, as I have been releasing a lot of waste. Then we repeated the process of putting the coffee enema in my colon and releasing it again, until we finished the whole 3 gallons of the solution. I literally felt better and lighter after the treatment. After this session, I was given a very good ginger tea and the time to relax at their lounge.

I am aware of the other side effects of doing a colon cleanse, which is why I plan to do this every three months to prevent them. Personally I can say that Centro Holistico’s colon cleanse treatment has done this perfectly and I haven’t felt any of the negative effects that others claim.

My experience of Centro Holistico’s colon cleanse treatment is quite relaxing and a positive one. I believe some of you may have hesitations in having something inserted up your rectum to cleanse your innards, especially if it is your first time. But the care and service of Centro Holistico is very professional and pleasant. Aside from the benefits you get after being cleansed from the inside, you also get to relax and feel good right away.


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