Workout with Primal Energy Drink

Do you workout regularly? You probably replenish lost nutrients with readily available energy drinks. Have you considered what goes in each of that energy drink you’re gulping? Probably not. What if there was an energy drink that is organic, no additives at all? Would you consider shifting? Of course, you would!

Primal is a pure organic energy drink made from honey, green coffee extract, cayenne pepper, mangosteen, ginger, turmeric and solar salt.  Cayenne pepper boosts your metabolism and adds spice to the drink. The solar salt replenishes lost electrolytes. While the honey gives you that boost of energy. Primal is a perfect workout drink, lazy afternoon drink, energy booster, and recovery drink.

The Primal Energy drink goes through a process called DRIP method: Deconcoction, Raw juicing, Infusion, and Pasteurization. The DRIP method gives you the best tasting energy drink and helps boost metabolism.

Originally from Cagayan de Oro, Primal has now three distributors around Metro Manila. You wouldn’t miss the classy minimalist black bottle design which is unlike other energy drinks. The unique organic branding goes all out with its reusable bottle. Truly an organic and environment-friendly product.

Primal would probably be in partnership with stores and fitness centers around the metro. For queries about the Primal Energy Drink, do visit their Facebook page. You can also check out LivePrimal to know more about their product. They offer different packages like the 2-week starter pack, 6-week supply, and 1-month package. They ship nationwide within two days.


Contact: 09778440873