How Music Relieves Stress

Is this true with you? Music, it’s lyrics and melody, brings relief to the stressed mind and weary soul. Music sets the mood. We find some tunes calming or soothing. While others enlivens us and moves us to action.

Music is an effective tool in relieving stress. The appropriate music can minimize nervousness, tension, anxiety and draws us to a state of relaxation, the  relaxation response.” This is the body’s ability to release chemicals and brain signals that allows the muscles to relax, slow down and increase blood flow to the brain.

Aside from relaxation, music also reduces blood pressure.  Our bodies produce serotonin which is released in the brain which has the ability to improve the mood.  Ever wondered why spas, gyms, and even health care facilities play music? Aside from mood enhancing, music is effective in fighting stress and reduces pain.  Music is an important tool in taking down stress and bolsters emotional health.

I notice when I listen to soft tunes, my memory and learning skills are improved. When I do my regular meditation, I choose instrumentals or relaxing tunes to empty my mind and relax. I avoid loud music because it upsets me. Soothing music is more comforting.

You may find this amusing but I also sing along with the tunes I listen to.  I’m very good at lypsyching! Somehow, when I sing, I can control my breathing and this allows me to relax. I also get to push aside the negativity and think of only positive thoughts.

I may not be an excellent singer (not even good) haha but singing motivates and puts me in a good mood.

Honestly, it has always been my dream to sing in the choir or join the music ministry. This has been in my prayer list for quite some time but the Lord hasn’t answered this prayer. Maybe it’s a WAIT or a NO altogether!

So, when you’re down or really annoyed, open your favorite music app and listen to your favorite tunes. Sooner or later you’ll see your muscles relaxing and your breathing slowing down. Music has relaxed your stressed body and mind. You may also check out my Spotify Playlist tonimirandaph for destressing and my playlist while I’m running.