Motivational Speakers in the Philippines: A Must During Unprecedented Times?

COVID-19 changed the way businesses prioritize their funding, particularly in terms of where the budget goes. Due to the pandemic’s impact on the economy, business owners are being more mindful with their expenditures; every single peso must be devoted to profitable growth. If a certain project doesn’t guarantee a return on investments, prepare for a budget cut.

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t compromise financially on, however, it’s your employees — specifically their growth and training (apart from their salaries, of course). One of the best ways to invest in their growth during these trying times is by working with a motivational speaker in the Philippines.

Why Work with a Motivational Speaker During a Crisis?

One of the many comments I get from business owners is, “There are other things I’d rather invest in. Plus, hiring a motivational speaker isn’t a priority. We can motivate our people.”

True, you can motivate your people. And yes, there are other things you can invest in. But you may not be seeing a bigger picture — one that can cost you profits, investments and a quality team.

First, you can’t be a prophet in your business. As much as you’d want the team to rely on your wisdom 100 percent, that’s not always the case. Employees are more likely to listen to some of the things you want to tell them if they hear it from someone else, particularly an expert. Also, CEOs, company owners and managers may not have the patience or inclination to change the perception of their team like a motivational speaker.

Second, motivational speakers in the Philippines can change the way your team sees things. Admittedly, morale is low due to COVID-19.  Your employees are dealing with multiple concerns: job security, work performance, kids studying at home — topped off with the reality of the pandemic. They need assurance and inspiration.

motivational speaker can change the way people see things. They can offer a fresh perspective, turn ideas on their head and present them in different ways so your team can see matters in a different light. Personally, it’s one of the blessings that come with being a motivational speaker in the Philippines. We bridge the gap between the upper management and their teams, helping both sides replace complex concerns with simpler approaches.  Simply put, sometimes you can be too close to things and you need someone to help you take a step back and see the forest and the trees.

Finally, investing in your employees shows that you are serious about their growth and wellness. Equipping them with the latest training and teaching them new techniques, as well as looking for ways to motivate the team, are great investments in your people. When you invest in their growth and show them that you care about their career, your employees are more inclined to stay and be more productive.

Remember: we’re living in trying times right now.  Showing care matters a great deal to your employees, especially during these trying times.

Inspire Others and Drive Profitability with the Right Motivational Speaker in the Philippines

So, if you want to inspire your team or inject some new ideas, consider working with a trusted inspirational speaker. Join the growing number of businesses that recognize the value of hiring motivational speakers.

But if you’re looking to maximize human potential to increase productivity, profitability and sales, work with a qualified motivational speaker in the Philippines.

This is where I can be of service.

I believe that one of the most important things motivational speakers can bring to the table is powerful stories of successful firsthand experience. This is the part I’m passionate about since I too have stories that resonate with many people today. For instance, I used to live a cluttered life filled with debt, relationship problems and self-esteem issues — problems that most people have. I enjoy sharing my journey on minimalism, self-love and faith with others who are currently struggling in areas I struggled with.

It’s natural to seek validation from influential individuals, and that is what motivational speakers do. I mix your employee’s expertise and struggles with my personal experiences to deliver a powerful motivational presentation that breathes new life for your employees to see.  

Why Toni Is Your Motivational Speaker of Choice

One of my primary goals is to help individuals and corporate groups live influential yet minimalistic and purposeful lives through the transformation of their bodies, minds and spirits. I am passionate about teaching and inspiring leaders through soft skills development programs. By building the confidence of your leaders, I help businesses establish a powerful presence that Inspires, Influences and Leads.

I also have a realistic view of evolving corporate world and empathy for professional challenges. Our custom-tailored presentations and training programs reveal practical know-how, enabling you to do simple tweaks that enhance your image, reflecting your goals and vision.

My mission is to be an agent of transformation by developing more leaders across the nations through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Apart from using my years of experience in motivating hundreds of businesses, I depend on Biblical truth to help me shape future-proof leaders.

It is during these trying times that we — including your team — need more motivation. Whilst you can try to motivate your team, a motivational speaker in the Philippines can encourage your team further.   

Let me and my team build your team more with our webinars, keynote speech and masterclasses. Get in touch with us today!