Extraordinary Confidence Starts with Minimalism

When faced with challenges, BE CONFIDENT is a common encouragement we receive from peers. It sounds encouraging, but it’s not easy to do. But what is self-confidence anyway? How does it really work? 

Courageously face the challenge head on — that is confidence  

That’s why I came to believe that confidence is very important.  Everyone has it; we have confidence but because of previous experiences and distorted views causes one to think they are not good enough.  

More Definitions of Self-Confidence 

Self-confidence is often mixed-up with self-worth.   One of the most popular definitions of self-confidence is “simply believing in oneself” (Bénabou & Tirole, 2002). Another popular definition is “an individual’s expectations of performance and self-evaluations of abilities and prior performance” (Lenney, 1977).  

Psychology Dictionary Online defines self-confidence as an individual’s trust in his or her own abilities, capacities, and judgments. It is also the belief that he or she cansuccessfully face day to day challenges  and demands (Psychology Dictionary Online).  

Self-confidence is an attitude about your skills and abilities. It means you accept and trust yourself and have a sense of control in your life. You know your strengths and weakness well, and have a positive view of yourself. You set realistic expectations and goals, communicate assertively, and can handle criticism.  

There is another form of confidence — one I’d like to call Extraordinary Confidence, aka an individual’s trust in God’s truth about his or her self-worth and the ability to live out His word. Extraordinary confidence comes from a heart that is at peace, despite life’s challenges. It’s an authentic type of confidence because its true source is God himself.  

So how can you achieve this type of confidence (and more)? 

Be minimalistic.  

The Key to Achieving Extraordinary Self-Confidence 

Living with the essentials is your first step to better self-confidence.  The Minimalist Lifestyle is an intentional journey. It is a journey of freedom that deals with letting go of the negativity that corrupts the mind. This life coaching approach focuses on identifying your unique purpose and knowing your priorities. It is not about self-deprivation; it speaks of freedom, peace, and unspeakable joy.  

With a minimalist beauty lifestyle, we have more time to pursue what is important — to draw confidence from the Lord. He provides wisdom when we ask. He guides us daily as we develop our relationship with Him. As we continue to seek God, He will also sustain us and provide us with wisdom, strength, courage, and grace daily. 

Extraordinary Confidence can be developed out of a minimalist lifestyle because it will solely depend on the enabling power and capacity by GOD through the Holy Spirit.  

Benefits of Extraordinary Self-Confidence 

  1. It strengthens the impact of your leadership. All of us are leaders. When a leader relates to another negatively, it can be discouraging. But if you possess the right self confidence through minimalism, you can bring out the best in others.  
  2. It improves your relational experience. We affect the people around us.  When you are confident, you strengthen your impact and influence as a leader. Then, you give a positive effect to another who will pass on the same positivity and confidence as you. This creates a ripple effect — impact one positively and they’ll impact others along the way. 
  3. It helps you leave an inspiring legacy. You inspire a legacy. A legacy is not only passing on riches or possession to our children. It is also a way of leaving an imprint of our lives to others.  

How We Can Help You Develop Extraordinary Self Confidence 

Embracing a minimalist beauty lifestyle is not easy nor is improving your self-confidence. Fortunately, this is a journey you don’t have to walk alone especially when you aim for professional image makeover

We are here to help.    

Change the way you define self-confidence and surrender to God’s definition to understand extraordinary confidence that emanates from within.   

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself? Do you want to fully maximize your life for a meaningful purpose that leaves a lasting legacy? Then join our 21 Steps Bootcamp Journey, which includes three stages: 

  • Awareness  
  • Admission  
  • Action  

Our approach is a holistic image transformation involving a combination of principles based on neuroscience, psychology and biblical truths.  The participants will go through a series of training workshops on self-transformation, image enhancement, and personal empowerment — all designed to help you create a new impactful confidence.  

Go Through the Journey with Us 

The key to self-confidence starts with accepting assistance from others. Here at Radiance, our Extraordinary Confidence online course, we help you find your confidence through God’s way. Our 30-minute programs are designed to dive into who you are, what you can do about it, and how you can improve yourself. 

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