Dr. Theo D. Kieu of Light Chiropractic

I met Dr. Theo D. Kieu through my classmate in ImageAsia, Pei Ying, who is also his wife. After being convinced about what she said to me regarding how his husband helped many people through chiropractic care, I decided to give it a go.

My initial consultation with Dr. Theo was really awakening, in a sense that I have overcome my fear and understood how I can go through life, stress and all, and still be in optimum well-being. I learned that the more truthful we are to ourselves the more power we get. When I am not authentic with myself, I need more energy to prove myself. And when my energies are resisting, it affects my neuro-spinal system. When we are stressed about different aspects in our life, it affects our spine alignment. I realized that if I change the way I look at life, and my perception shifted towards how to enjoy life to the fullest, understanding that everything happens for a reason and a purpose—it will strengthen me, mold me and teach me a lesson. That in everything we do, our aspirations should reflect what’s inside our heart and to have peace within. Personally, I find peace in my daily walk with Jesus. Dr. Theo said that the more I help myself and change life for the better, the less help I’d need from him. This is the best tip I have ever received on speedy recovery.

Dr. Theo has been in the chiropractic practice for 10 years now. His primary goal as a chiropractor is to raise consciousness within people and encourage them to improve their lives along with their relationships or whatever is important to them. His family is from Vietnam but they immigrated to America after the war. Growing up in a big family and very poor, he has developed a desire to improve his life and those around him. And this is why he has become so passionate about his practice.

According to him, most of people’s sufferings stem from lack of harmony, and that happiness has to do more with their perspective than the physical world around them.  This is why in his practice, he not only makes his patients be well from their ailments, but he also helps them to realize and focus on their blessings rather than their lack.

Dr. Theo loves being a chiropractor. While it can get tiring attending to patients and hearing their concerns, he has seen the value of his practice in their lives. The unrealistic expectations that patients have after going to him for healthcare such as immediate healing from ailments and yet not improving their lifestyle, it motivates him to become better as a health care provider. He empowers his patients to take charge of their life and health by guiding them through chiropractic care. He also practices what he advices his patients as he has found that his words have more impact to the individuals he attends to when there is authenticity in it.

He has clients whom he meets on a regular schedule and also attends to new ones with whom he spends more time in educating how to better take care of themselves. And I attest to this because after my first session, I learned to be more in control of my state of health and wellness and be more confident in facing the stresses of life.

Dr. Theo adheres to the values that his practice upholds, which greatly influences how he manages his family and career. He has become a better husband and father through his practice and in return helps him also become a better chiropractor. Because he is regularly attending to people that needs his chiropractic care, he also spends his personal quiet time to rest and rejuvenate himself. He does this through cycling and meditation. He considers his work his place of worship and prayer,  in the sense that the people who come in to become well are the people he serves.

From my session with Dr. Theo, I have learned that stress is inevitable in our lives, and this also applies to him. But instead of managing stress, he embraces it. He believes that stress is required to make us grow, and the key is to transform our perception about it. While it is natural that we don’t like unpleasant emotions or physical pain, we begin to become more authentic with ourselves when we are open about them. Wellness, for him, is a person’s well-being. When a person have synchronicity in all aspects of life—personal, physical, mental, emotional, familial, financial, and spiritual—then that makes him well and able to overcome his sickness or the daily stresses he is exposed to.

Of course to be more efficient as a chiropractor, he also does put time and effort to care for himself. Weekly, he goes to a chiropractor to maintain his alignment. He also avoids eating processed foods and instead chooses natural foods. He also does not use medicines, except for antihistamine for seasonal allergies which he only gets when he is in western countries. What he does is to eat proper food, exercise and drink plenty of water—he believes that in this way we all would have less need for health products; unless taking supplements is required because we want to build up muscles or our dietary intake is not optimum.

He shares that we should leave ourselves open to the possibility that our perceptions or views on life can be wrong for this allows us to investigate and audit our lives. This is also why he aims to learn more about various topics such as philosophy, science and how money works in the world, to help him connect better with his clients and also learn from them.

Success, according to him, is doing what you love while others benefit from it while you are doing it. And this is what he has achieved in being a chiropractor and being part of Light Chiropractic. He gains success by helping others attain well-being from the inside out.