Executive Presence: The Secret to Success of Real Estate Professionals

What does it take for a real estate agent to flourish in a highly competitive industry? Is a massive network enough for the hardworking realtor to generate a lot of sales? A huge network helps but possessing Executive Presence is the key to success.

Executive Presence is all-encompassing. It is about one’s professional image, body language, etiquette, and communication skills. The concept may be new to many realtors but it is another secret weapon that one should learn.

I had the privilege of being one of the resource speakers to the Real Estate Expo 2018. The event took place on October 26 at the SMX Convention Center (MOA). It was the concept of AD Asia Conventions & Exhibitions International Corporation. Many exhibitors and companies set up booths to showcase their different products and services. They had a conference that was open to real estate brokers, professionals, students, and enthusiasts. I spoke to the attendees on Professional Image and Personal Development.

The event’s Keynote Speaker was Dr. Eduardo G. Ong, chairman of the Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service and a prominent management/real estate consultant in the country. Other notable speakers were Mr. Eric Tran, Universal Commercial Capital CEO; Atty. Nelson Arquiza, International Relations (PAREB) Chairman; and, Atty. Aileen L-Amor Bautista, Credit Information Corporation SVP for Business Development.

Image Branding will not only benefit real estate professionals. It can also bring them success in their career. Image Branding has been a catchphrase among real estate brokers. Image is crucial to making a sale. In fact, genuine image branding spells the difference between success and failure.”

Successful realtors who know the power of personal image branding. They were able to achieve a level of success because put their best image forward. A Huffington Post article says that the image must have “a compelling and consistent message that resonates with your target audience or market.”

Appearance is very important. Majority of clients engage brokers or agents based on their looks and manner of dressing. Your wardrobe must be simple but neat and impressive. Following the trend is okay as long as it is not flashy. Dress according to your market.

Brokers should also know their market. To make a sales pitch, realtors must know the language of their buyers. They have a higher chance of communicating their message if they do. They must also be aware of right timing and their body language. Nonverbal communication matters especially in sales.

Professional image, etiquette, and communication skills all fall under Executive Presence. But clients will see the continuity when they visit your offices. It should be neat and organized as this reflects the company’s image as well.

One common reason why many real estate agents fail in the industry is their lack of vision. They wear too many hats, all at the same time. Because of this, they lack focus. They have no effective marketing strategy and have poor image branding. Unfortunately, clients see this.

A piece of advice to real estate agents and brokers: You need to look credible, an expert in your field. You must project credibility and confidence. You deal with different clients every day. From high-profile corporate accounts to individual property buyers. Whether they buy a small lot or the entire floor of a high-rise condo, you have to earn their trust. They will buy YOU first before taking interest in your inventory or projects. When you possess an Executive Presence as real estate professionals you will find success in your business. 

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Video courtesy of Real Estate Expo Manila.

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