CCF Family and Finance Presents Image Branding for Entrepreneurs

On October 27, 2018, the Family and Finance Ministry of Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) had its annual conference entitled ‘Empowering Families through Entrepreneurship”. It was a whole day event that showcased notable family entrepreneurs and business leaders. Some of the plenary speakers were Glenn Yu, CEO and President of SEAOIL Philippines, Inc., Sean Si, Founder and CEO of SEO Hacker, Joel and Carolyn Pedro, COO of Lamoiyan Corporation, and many others.

The ministry head of Family and Finance, Mr. Johann Paolo Garcia, invited me to speak in one of the afternoon workshops. I was to give a short talk on Image Branding for Entrepreneurs.

Why is it important for your business to have a strong brand? Let me cite some of them:

First, it builds a strong customer recall. When clients need a specific product or service, your company is their top choice. Clients may have previous positive customer experience. Or other client referrals sent word of your product or service.

Second, it builds a competitive advantage. Your brand sets you apart from other competitors. Clients who support your brand will be your brand ambassadors, and that takes your brand to the next level.

Third, it opens the door to propose new products. Your brand recall and client support will get them interested in your new offerings. Clients will most likely look forward to trying your new products.

Fourth, it increases customer loyalty. Your brand has filled the need of your clients. They know that they can trust your brand so they will continue to patronize your products. We call this customer loyalty. They are loyal to the brand because it speaks their language. Your brand is relatable.

If you are not branding yourself, you can be sure others will do it for you. – Unknown


After the workshop,  the audience was able to throw in some of their questions on the topic. In the end, I reminded them,  “You are the walking and talking representation of your brand image. Your brand is your business. Build it wisely.”

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