Image Enhancement Workshop for CCF Center Host Team

The CCF Host Team handles the welcoming of guests every week. The way they cater to the needs of the visitors and how they present themselves says a lot. That is the goal of Ms. Tess Gelaga who invited me to speak on Image Enhancement. She wanted to improve the image of the members of the CCF Host Team.

I met Ms. Tess during my talk on “Creating a Powerful Presence” for CCF Center’s Medical Team last May 2018. On November 10 and 17, I had the opportunity to guide the leaders and members of the CCF Hosting Team.

The workshop on November 10 had about 80 and 110 participants. While some 500 volunteers attended the November 17 session. Both sessions were in Ortigas (Pasig).

Ms. Tess and I identified the goals of this workshop which are:

  • To continue to inspire both leaders and volunteers in the ministry as the Lord’s servant leaders.
  • To teach them to act, dress, and behave in an appropriate manner as servants in the ministry.
  • To educate them about the value of customer service and motivate the team.
  • To cascade the knowledge and values to team members.

I am impressed by the Host Team’s vision and mission. The team wants to see a “growing movement of Host Team volunteer-servant workers passionately serving God and expressing God’s love.” The HT’s mission is to “honor God and make Christ-committed Host Team servants who will make Christ-committed Host Team servants.”

The workshop centered on creating a professional image in the participants. With this refined image, they will be more effective and efficient servant workers. They are like salt and light to others who would like to be part of the Host Team (HT) Ministry.

At the outset, I was candid with my audience. If their goal in serving in the ministry was to create confusion among colleagues and guests, then they should do the following:

  • Sport untidy clothes and hair.
  • Chew on gum.
  • Avoid smiling.
  • Wear flashy accessories.
  • Fidget with their mobile phones
  • Look haggard and stressed.
  • Come in late.
  • Show emotions, anger, and shout.
  • Wear inappropriate clothing.

First impressions last. “Your image reveals the condition of your heart,” I asked them to reflect and check their hearts. What was their reason for volunteering in the Hosting Team? Was it to gain friends? Was it to pass the time? Was it for people to identify them as serving in a ministry? Or was it to serve God? Volunteerism requires the right purpose.

This true purpose will project credibility and authenticity. I reminded them that every detail of their appearance projects a message. People judge and interpret the visual messages they present within seconds. They are not only the walking and talking representation of the Host Team but also the church.

As part of the HT, they need to develop a strong credible and inspiring image. The workshop showed them how to have a pleasing appearance, how to practice good etiquette and behavior, and having good communication skills.

I taught them how to develop a memorable first good impression. I showed them the proper smile and handshake. I presented techniques on comfortable eye contact, correct energy level, and posture. Also, proper grooming and style, and finding ways to look credible and authoritative.

I also spoke about the credibility detractors for men and women. A lot of them had their AHA moments while professing commitments to change. Finally, we chatted on developing and practicing basic etiquette and social graces. And the impact of good and bad body language.

Also, I told them the need for positive rapport and listening skills. Non-verbal communication speaks louder than verbal words. I shared part of my past and bitterness, shame, guilt, and condemnation affected my image. I have not been inspiring, and worse is I caused frustrations to others who see me. But Jesus freed me and led to a renewed purpose. This freedom radiates as an inner beauty from the inside out.

I arrived from Bangkok on November 10 and headed straight to the event. I praise GOD for sustaining me that day. His strength allowed me to deliver a successful workshop. And, I am delighted to hear positive feedback from some participants.

“It’s an open reminder for me. Even though I am old, I learned a lot from her about appearance, behavior, and good communication skills that have to be developed.” – Mae Rubite

“It’s important that I have a good appearance. My behavior and communications comprise a good image of a Host Team servant.” -Marivic Barcenas

“We should make an effort to improve every day. Make those baby steps and I should improve within myself. Most importantly, an image in the host team is very essential.” – LS Doria

“If our appearance is not impressive, then they will not believe that we are Christians. Our image must be like that of God.” – Warren Vilar

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