Why is Executive Presence Relevant in the IT Industry?

Executive Presence is vital to the IT industry and IT Professionals. Creating that good impression has become inevitable even in this industry. Executive Presence is one of my fields of expertise. My goal is to create awareness of the importance of Executive Presence in creating positive impact and influence.

MDI Brown Bag Series

The MPC Group of MDI, a global IT solutions provider at BGC, Taguig City invited me to preside over a lunch and learn session. I presented the Executive Presence talk for the group’s “Brown Bag Series”. The goal was to level up their professionalism. This is possible by improving appearance, communication skills, manners, and behavior.

It was a brief one-hour talk. Nonetheless, I was able to highlight the importance of Executive Presence in leadership, in improving customer experience and boosting profitability. I gave practical tips on how to develop an image that projects credibility and authority. These tips will help boost their self-confidence in handling key corporate accounts in the IT industry.

The participants were all expert IT officers from one of the most prestigious IT companies worldwide but would like to enhance their Soft Skills. According to the Houston Business Journal, “Soft skills are crucial because these help us effectively collaborate with other persons. Soft skills improve personal interactions that result in better job performance and contentment.”

Soft skills are personality traits like optimism. And learned capabilities such as compassion or empathy. Other soft skills are communication, self-confidence, giving and receiving feedback, and listening.

Executive Presence

The importance of executive presence applies to all corporate organizations, industries, and enterprises. But this is not a common practice in the IT industry. Their style less formal and more relaxed. Even then, stakeholders still need an executive presence in making presentations and in meeting with owners or high-level clients. Their gravitas or seriousness and communication skills must be consistent with image branding, vision, and company goals. 

The premier IT firm, Dell, in the United States makes it a point to provide free programs related to executive presence for their employees. They tap leading training firms such as Dale Carnegie & Associates. The aim is to empower the workforce and assist them in building credibility and professional image. I support Dell’s goal and vision for their employees.

Stanford Graduate School of Business lecturer and coach, Allison Kruger’s sums it up. She says, Executive presence is very much how you control a room, the impressions you make, and how you affect the people around you. It’s how you communicate verbally and through your appearance and physicality.” This is what I would also like to impart to my clients. It’s all about a mix of communications, body language, etiquette, and power dressing.

I believe my recent session at MDI was a success! I got very encouraging responses from the participants. Here are just some of the positive testimonials.

On tone of voice, ‘How you can impart to a person you talk with, how to communicate and the use of body language to communicate.” Message has strong impact as well.- Kristian Mojeno

Overall, the impact of training is substantial. Now I can reflect on what I want to do moving forward. -Mark Aaron Corrales

I think it’s a life-changing move which applies to my career and whole life.- Arnel Rodriguez

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