A Talk on Beauty Inside and Out at the CCF Imus and CCF Salitran Women2Women Anniversary

CCF Imus and CCF Salitran celebrated the anniversary of Women 2 Women ministry. Women 2 Women or W2W is a venue for women to meet and study God’s Word together. I gave a talk on Body Language and Presentation Skills to the women leaders for CCF South Luzon previously. And it was a delight to speak again to this group of faithful women on September 26, 2018.

There were more than 200 women from CCF Imus and CCF Salitran who joined the celebration. It was a family affair because I had my husband, my daughter, and Radiance’s official photographer, Carlo. It was also a pleasure to meet the other members of the W2W core team. Kudos to their stage and decor team for a job well done.

The topic Beauty Inside and Out is so personal to me.  The journey to becoming an image consultant started with this story. I was at a crossroad in my life and was given an opportunity to go abroad and study. I wanted to become an Image Consultant.

When I achieved this goal I realized how cluttered my life was. I know a lot of women can relate to me. We cannot find the purpose and meaning in life because we have allowed the “clutter” to control our lives. This can be physical clutter or an emotional and spiritual clutter. The tangible and intangible things overwhelm us. We become prisoners of our own mess. But God is waiting for us to start cleaning up our lives so He can set us free.

Embracing a minimalist beauty lifestyle is not easy. But I am able to simplify this by making the right choices. I never thought I could downsize my personal possessions and wardrobe but I did. My home is more neat and clean today. I am able to make room, literally and figuratively, for new possibilities. I changed the way I defined beauty and surrendered to God’s definition, which is the beauty that emanates from within. True beauty comes from a heart that is at peace despite life’s challenges. True beauty is authentic because its true source is God himself.

In this new journey, I chose to:

Honor God in everything I do. I look to Him for guidance, wisdom, and strength on a daily basis.

Create my ‘WHY’ or my purpose. Knowing my purpose helped me make the right choices to keep me in tune with my personal ‘Why’. I am able to use my skills and talents to further my purpose.

Let go of my sin and imperfections. For years I have lived a miserable life. The guilt of sin has taken its hold on me. But when the Lord released me from the shame, I was able to do more for His glory. I also learned to let go of the concept of “perfection”. This has given me the wrong motivation to live.  I have accepted how God made me including my weaknesses and imperfections. I had to let go of my selfish desires, deny myself. and follow Jesus. When I surrendered everything, He gave me the wisdom to accept his perfect design for my life.

Have a good appearance. Women, especially attractive women can use their physical beauty for the wrong purpose. They can lure others to gain favor. To me, that is fake beauty. True beauty comes from the purity of the heart. Looking good should not cause us stress. We need to accept our imperfect bodies. We can enhance and improve the way we look by wearing colors that would match our skin tone.  We also need to be aware of our body shape so we can get clothes that will fit us appropriately. Good grooming and sporting the correct hairstyle will also improve our appearance.

Communicate better. Words are powerful. They can encourage a stranger but discourage a friend. I chose to use my words with tact and be aware of my actions. But non-verbal communication is more powerful than our words. Ninety-three percent (93%) of our communication is seen in our body language, facial expression, gestures, and tone of voice.

Have a good support group. We are not designed to be alone. We are to be in relationships with other people. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and help you be better.

Keep on learning. The more we learn, the more we grow. Do not waste your time on meaningless activities. More knowledge builds our self-confidence, which makes us feel more beautiful. And when we share what we know to others, they see the beauty in us. They are then inspired to do likewise.

True beauty comes not from having the perfect makeup or outfit. Real beauty comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is the source of our inner beauty.

Let me share with you how my talk on Beauty Inside and Out stirred the hearts of the women.

I really liked the topic, Beauty Inside and Out. In fact, I gained a lot of pointers from her like honoring God, choosing to have a good appearance and be healthy, and choosing to keep on learning. – Marissa Mallorca

I am thankful for the message today and my learnings. God used Miss Toni Miranda to teach us today. I also learned the importance of having a support group who will help us grow and walk with God. – Vivian Cruz-del Mar

I was so blessed to hear Miss Toni Miranda and her testimony on her topic, Beauty Inside Out. There are three things that I learned from Miss Miranda. First is to choose to honor God. Your beauty reveals the condition of your heart. And when you truly surrender your life to the Lord, you will find your purpose. It is said, ‘You choose to let go to bloom’. -Alma Miranda-Roxas


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