Creating A Powerful Presence Program For The JLL Brokers And Sales Team

I had the chance to facilitate another training session for some employees of JLL last May, following a successful series of workshops with their Project Leasing Group. This time around, I was scheduled to speak before their Brokers and Sales Team. JLL, short for Jones Lang LaSalle Phils Inc., is a company that specializes in commercial real estate and commercial property management.

On May 4, 2018, together with my team, Monique and Christine, I conducted the first of three personal branding and corporate image sessions with the JLL group at BDO Tower in Makati. I designed the program schedule such that heavy lectures and mind-setting took place in the morning, and the fun, interactive activities came in the afternoon. I’ve found this to be effective in bringing up the energy of the participants during typically sluggish afternoons.

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We started day one with a successful session on personal branding. During the morning activity, participants were tasked to take turns exchanging compliments with one another. This was followed by an activity where participants were taught how to identify their skin tones, and choose the right colors and fabrics that compliment them. They also took body measurements in order to determine their body types, which helps in planning and selecting their outfits. I ended the first day by sharing my story, in order for the participants to gain insights from my experiences, too.

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After a phenomenal first day, I was really looking forward to my second session with the group. Our next meeting was a half-day, lecture-intensive session that focused on effective communication and appropriate body language. This took place a few days later, on May 8th. I conducted a DISC personality test to start the session, and this led to many realizations from the participants about their personalities and how this relates to the way they work.

We also did a handshaking activity as part of our lesson in body language. Taking this a step further, participants were paired up so they could evaluate one another’s body language. They took note of facial expressions, too, and whether or not these were in sync with the simple messages they wanted to convey.

Through feedback from these activities, participants could pinpoint the improvements needed for them to be more effective in communicating with others. We ended the day with some final lectures and tips on corporate communication.

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JLL’s last day of training and graduation was another whole-day session, where we covered dining etiquette, and workplace and communication etiquette. During lunch, we had a practical dining activity which made use of a full fine dining set up in order for the participants to experience and get a feel of this. You cold tell that they were a little outside their comfort zone with this type of setup, but everyone was glad to participate.

Towards the end of the session we had a “runway” activity, where each one of them had to walk around the room while the other participants observed, and gave their comments on each others’ image. This was an activity that they obviously enjoyed, and they occasionally teased and cajoled one another while managing to observe body language and mannerisms that they typically would not notice. Finally, the day ended with a pictorial session and the awarding of the certificates of participation.

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In the end, I felt that the goal of boosting morale and confidence, and improving each one’s executive presence was met. They learned to value their individual worth and became better versions of themselves, both on a personal level and a professional one. And, through this sense of self-appreciation, they are now inspired to work towards becoming inspirations to others.

Here are a few scenes from my 3-day Powerful Presence Program with JLL.

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