When God Disrupts Your Timeline

Bible Verse: “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.”  ~ Proverbs 16:3

Judith Atienza-Cinco took an early retirement from her 14-year career as a Human Resource practitioner because she wanted to conceive a child. She went through a medical procedure to help her have a baby, which eventually forced her to stay at home. Her life seemingly detoured, but Judith continued to seek God in the next season of her life. Then, God created a divine connection for her, which led her and her husband, Rudyard, to establish Imagere.

Imagere is a watch business that imports branded watches, assembles customized watches and carries its own brand–Pic Watch. Judith first began selling watches online and eventually in bazaars. And due to the overwhelming response of the market to their watches, Imagere was awarded the exclusive distributorship of CLAUDIA and ALEXUS CRISTY timepieces. The rapid growth of the business entailed Judith’s husband to join her in handling the business. Since then, Imagere started to gain recognition from different groups and has had business ventures with other companies for distributorship, merchandising and watch customizations.

Imagere’s best sellers are their brand Claudia and their customized watches. Their clients for these customized watches range from big companies like Toyota Philippines to educational institutions such as University of Sto. Tomas.

Aside also from importing globally renowned timepieces like Rene Mouris, Pyle, Intimes, Nice and Cool by Mr. Andrea Palaman, Imagere also became the exclusive distributor of Korean brands Valentino Rudy, Dox, and D.Factory; as well as the United States Marines Corps (USMC) watches—the licensed wrist armor of the U.S. Marines. Judith and her husband also came up with a new business, 5 Corners Gifts and Souvenirs, to cater to their existing customers’ needs beyond time pieces.

Every year, since Judith first established the business in 2007, Imagere just continued to expand in many opportunities. She shares that it is vital to know your calling, be it in employment or having your own business. Because once you know where you are called, you start to learn more about it, begin to have the courage to take steps, and embrace it as your own. Always think of your competitive edge. And when your idea is replicated, don’t stop thinking of another competitive edge.

You can simply say that their business is a success from Day 1. However, Judith refuses to take all the credit, “Success is either creating a need or identifying a need and the ability to cater to that need. I attribute the growth of this business to God, whom I learned how to do a faith-based business, and to my husband, Rudyard.”

Judith has learned how to understand the various aspects of the business, and its role and importance in keeping the business up and running. Even with challenges meeting her, she is not fazed by it. Judith likes working on the unknown because it sharpens her intuition, and makes her rely more on God for wisdom and guidance. This complete dependence on the Lord also became an inspiration for them to launch their own product—PIC WATCH. Pic Watch was made to inspire and motivate people through Bible verses, quotes, and phrases printed on the watch faces. Their aim is that people will be reminded daily, through Pic Watch, about the virtues a man needs to stand on to help him carry on with life.

You might think, how does Judith keep herself fueled? Generally, she sees to it that her overall wellness is nurtured, to strengthen and enable her for the roles she has to do.

Foremost is sustaining her spiritual life. Judith does not neglect her daily spiritual habit of worshiping and praying to God, and reading the Bible, as it is what keeps her grounded every day. For her physical nurturing, she consumes well-balanced meals, and gets periodic spa and foot massages. She also listens to music to keep her mind and soul refreshed. Judith maintains social connections in ministry, church and business, to enrich her life and relationships—one of which is the Network for Enterprising Women (NEW). She is continually inspired by the contagious passion of people who decide to focus on whatever area they place their mind to; be it business, hobby, art or talent. Judith is also a traveler, and loves visiting different places and countries with her husband. Judith does not rest on her laurels and keeps a path of learning through reading books, blogs and articles; listening and attending talks, forum and seminars, as well as participating in casual conversations with others. Judith loves learning about women empowerment, overcoming obstacles, leadership books, and the Bible. She notes down what she learns because it helps her retain these important lessons. For Judith, “Regular learning is very important to anyone’s growth. It sharpens our brain and prevents it from being stagnant. I also tend to be forgetful when I don’t learn new things.”

Judith initially retired from corporate world thinking about a child to conceive—a timeline specifically followed yet disrupted. God had other plans for her, and instead birthed Imagere for her and her husband to raise and take care of. Judith’s story ultimately shows us that things turn out best when we are in God’s timeline. When we put our full confidence in God to handle our business, or whatever it is He entrusted to us, He will show himself faithful and will grant us success and purpose that enriches not only us, but others as well.

Ms. TM says

Judith is a co-member in an all women’s business organization called NEW Network for Enterprising Women.  She is also a sister in Christ.  As an entrepreneur myself, I am inspired of how she uses her God-given talent in her business. She has unique and very creative ideas about watches, and through her business she shares Christ’s love to other people. Not many enterprising women run their businesses with GOD as the center of their purpose and operations. And for me, that makes Judith’s success story timely for all of us to read.


Dear God, I acknowledge that all good things come from you. May I continually put you at the center of my life and my career. I pray that all my plans be always aligned to yours. I declare your will be done over me. I commit to you my ideas, my dreams, and my passions, and may it bring you back the glory and praise that is rightfully yours. Bless me God, as I bless others today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.