My Experience at Light Chiropractic

I have heard a lot about chiropractic treatments or adjustments from friends, but it was never on my must-try list. I have fears and apprehensions when it comes to adjusting my spine.  Even my husband who suffered from Herniated Disc has not tried it.  

It was only until I met Pei Ying, an amazing woman who was my classmate at ImageAsia. We met in Singapore at a course for image consultants who seek new heights of excellence and success.  She told me about her husband Dr. Theo D. Kieu and his profession as a chiropractor, and the many people he has helped. I got so curious that when I came back to Singapore after a month, I went to visit their clinic.  It is called Light Chiropractic which is located at Raffles Place, Singapore.  Pei Ying, herself, helped me book my appointment. I got a schedule for a Tuesday after-lunch appointment.

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Upon arrival, the nurse receptionist asked me to fill out a client information sheet. Then afterwards I went through a Spine scan, HRV Frequency Domain analysis and a Static Electromyogram (EMG) Scan.

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They also gave me a tour around the wellness center and had the opportunity to take photos of the place.

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Finally, I had my consultation with Dr. Theo inside a room where there are 2 chiropractic beds. I have gained much wisdom from Dr. Theo, and this was far from my expectation. I thought he will just analyze my spine then make adjustments. But he actually gave time to comprehensively explain to me the importance of chiropractic treatments.

He taught me briefly what Chiropractic is? According to him, Chiropractic is about life. Because of certain situations that affect the well-being of an individual, which is called subluxations, it may cause our bodies to be out of alignment.

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Dr. Theo also further explained to me what Subluxation is. In medical terms, subluxation is referred to as incomplete or partial dislocation of a joint or organ. It basically interferes with the light energy flowing through us preventing us from being our best. When this happens, we become stressed and we feel a sense of imbalance within. When our spine is in this state, it prevents the nervous system—mainly our brain and spinal cord—from freely expressing itself.

Life requires motion or freedom to express itself. There should be continual movement. It not only applies to our physical bodies but in all aspects of the world we live in. Atoms need movement to maintain structure. The universe continues to expand. Even in our daily jobs, we must continuously learn and develop to be more efficient in what we do and better serve others. Also in our relationships, growth must continue to strengthen our bonds, otherwise people drift apart. This is what it means to have movement in life.

That said, the impact that subluxation can have on our bodies may range from minor to life-altering outcomes that affect all aspects of our life. Situations like excessive neurological load, childhood trauma, repetitive or mechanical stress, chemical stress, physiological stress, and anatomical abnormalities cause subluxations. It also reflects itself through: back pains, headaches/migraines, nausea, shoulder aches, birth process for mother and infant, arthritis, degeneration, depression, decreased mental function, insomnia, flu and fever, and difficulty breathing.

This is why Dr. Theo has made it his personal mission as well as Light Chiropractic’s, to raise consciousness in matters of life, health, healing, and well-being; connecting people from the intelligence within them; promoting a way of living from the inside out and trust in the power of life; clear the neuro-spinal system of interferences caused by subluxations or misalignments.

Poor posture also causes subluxation. Poor posture happens when we sit hours on end in front of our computer, when our sleeping position is not optimum, or when you always bend forward look at your smartphone. What we don’t know is that poor posture not only affects how we look in the external, but more so internally that manifests outwardly—tension, various body pains, high blood pressure, digestive issues, and anxiety, among many others.

Chiropractic care restores the life in us by aligning our spine through adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments help the life inside of the individual to express itself again. It helps people develop a better relationship with themselves. Dr. Theo also explained to me that in measuring a patient’s health, they ask them series of questions to assess their well-being—when there are symptoms manifesting, then that means opportunities to stop, listen and make an immediate change in their way of life. Chiropractic adjustments focus mainly on the upper cervical region of the spine which is responsible for the cardiac, digestive, lymphatic, and immune systems; motor activity; respiration; hormones; and posture.

My first consultation has been a breeze. I was told about what to expect after initial adjustments, which include soreness, fever, flu, diarrhea, and in some, rare cases vomiting—this is mainly due to the body responding to the healing that it is happening. Chiropractic care is needed because subluxations are inevitable as we daily go through stresses and our body also goes through a wear-and-tear state. By having regular chiropractic care, the vitality within is restored and we are guided towards a healthy lifestyle to achieve overall well-being.

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It was such a blessing meeting Dr. Theo. After my session, I realized how much stress can affect my spine.  I am so glad I met him because these learnings will contribute to my blog which is my passion to share how to manage stress. So, thank you Dr Theo. Please read more about him here.

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