Boosting Health with Izumio Hydrogenized Water

Water, as we all know, is a vital element of life. Living creatures will not flourish without it and people cannot thrive without access to clean water. It is an essential part of us as humans because 60% of our body is made up of water. This is the reason why keeping our bodies well hydrated is very crucial.

But did you know that consuming the right kind of water also matters?

We are all familiar with the purified, distilled, and mineral water which are all available in consumable water bottles. But are you familiar with hydrogenized water?

Hydrogenized water is a natural, high-quality water that’s been infused with additional hydrogen molecules. These molecules then bind with the free radicals in your body and flush it out from your system. In simplest term, it naturally detoxifies your body and hydrates it more than regular water. Other benefits you get from consuming hydrogenized water are: improved blood glucose, lower saturated fat levels, youthful skin, improved conditions of constipation, allergy reactions and memory, among many others.

Naturally Plus, a global healthcare company from Japan, with the vision to promote wellness and healthy living worldwide established in 1999, offers this product and is now in the Philippines. IZUMIO is Japan’s #1 hydrogenized water and many swear by its health benefits. Izumio is available only through registered members of Naturally Plus and you can purchase them by boxes—one box contains 30 packs at Php5,600.

I am an Izumio drinker. Let me share with you some of what I have gained from drinking this water. For one, I love the packaging of Izumio because it is very convenient to bring everywhere. When I took a 1 week master class in Singapore, I brought 14 of this to sustain me for 7 days. And it really helped sustain my health and cope for the hectic schedule. My skin looks smoother—no longer dry. I feel energetic even after a workout. I always bring this during yoga or after workout. I also make sure I drink this together with my supplement before I sleep. Both me and my husband drinking this hydrogenized water. At the moment, I am consuming this twice a day.  I also put this on facial paper and let it stay on my face for a few minutes and after that my face honestly feels and looks radiant. That’s one of the effects on hydrogenized water on my skin. I don’t easily catch airborne viruses, and yes, my immune system has improved. The only downside for me is its price. But again, since health and wellness is my priority, I count this as a valuable investment to keep me from getting sick and provide me with optimum health.

And it is not only me who has noticed these improvements in their body. Some individuals who consume Izumio Hydrogen Water also have these to say:

“I’ve been taking IZUMIO for 10 months now. My sugar, my A1C before I started, was 10.5. I got it down to 4.5-5.0 in the past few months. I also stopped having migraines, sinus problems, fever, and I didn’t get a lot of my normal ailments.” – Lorenzo Tan

“IZUMIO helped give me the strength and energy to complete my climb of Mount Everest. Only 2 of us (out of 9) were able to make it.” – Robert Karlsson, Sweden

“Hi friends, really want to share with you how IZUMIO hydrogenated water has helped our family combat sickness. We’ve been drinking this water for 2 years now and it’s really boosted our general health. No more constipation for me, my recurrent corneal abrasion is under control, it even normalized my mom’s blood pressure. It’s 6x more hydrating than regular water – we drink several packets and flu that is starting would be stopped in its tracks. Best of all, it is anti-aging and will make your skin more beautiful.” – Gail Ang

Who would’ve thought there is so much more to just chugging down 8 glasses of water daily? While it is good to regularly hydrate yourself, it is best to hydrate with water that will add value to your health and wellness. And by experiencing it myself, I can say that Izumio did that for me.

If you want to know more about Izumio hydrogen water or check out other products from Naturally Plus, you can visit their office at Makati or contact them directly.


Address: 13-15 V Corporate Center 125 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City

Contact Number: (0916) 5584876



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