What is a Radiant Minimalist Lifestyle?

Following a minimalist beauty lifestyle is just not about decluttering your home. It’s more than painting your walls white and having one item on display. This profound way of living focuses less on material things and more on your heart.

The Minimalist Beauty Lifestyle is an intentional journey. It is a journey of freedom that deals with letting go of the negativity that corrupts the mind. This life coaching approach focuses on identifying your unique purpose and knowing your priorities. It is not about self-deprivation; it speaks of freedom, peace, and unspeakable joy.

Women struggle to find the purpose and meaning in life. We have allowed the “clutter” to control our lives. This can be physical, emotional or spiritual clutter. Yes, we can get rid of the outdated wardrobe in our closet or give away unused items in our home. But after some time, we find ourselves buying items we don’t really need, and the cycle continues.

Most of us are drowning in our emotional mess and we don’t even know it. Anger, resentment, and unforgiveness have imprisoned us for years. We have become too comfortable with this emotional clutter that it has become part of who we are.

Society has lured women to the wrong concept of beauty and confidence. That is why we find security and happiness in the wrong things. We have allowed ourselves to be influenced by the wrong set of friends. This misguided perspective made us buy more to make us feel beautiful. Author and Financial Guru, Dave Ramsey puts it this way, “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.”

But God is waiting for all of us to start cleaning up our lives so He can set us free. When you have allowed yourself to let go of less important things, you are making room for more in life. You have more opportunities to hone your talent or meet new people. There is a bigger room in your heart to love the people dear to you.

That last one matters the most. Your intimate connection with Him will direct you to your true purpose.

Before you think that I am talking down to you, I am not.

I was one of those women. I busied myself with work and climbing the corporate ladder to buy the things I want. I bought some of the most expensive handbags and shoes. I wanted more out of life to the point of neglecting my family. But having all these things didn’t give me the joy I was longing for.

Until I had my personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. He changed everything in my life.

From my distorted view of beauty and riches, He made me turn my life 180 degrees. But it still took many years of discipline and reminding from the Lord.

I never thought I could downsize my possessions and wardrobe, but I did. Our home is more organized today. My minimalist beauty lifestyle enabled me to make room for new possibilities, literally and figuratively.

God has changed the way I define beauty. Today, I see beauty not from the outside but one that emanates from within. True beauty comes from a heart that is at peace, despite life’s challenges. True beauty is authentic because its true source is God himself.

Living a Minimalist Beauty Lifestyle is a personal advocacy. My personal transformation is not yet complete. I am still a work in progress but He has called me to serve him as an International Image Consultant. This profession has now become a platform to serve more women. I want other women to be the true ‘queens’ of their homes and their lives. Queens who allow God to direct their lives and find their purposes.