Army Wife 101

I am a firm believer that one of the best ways we can serve the Lord is by being of service to others. Our God-given talents and the skills we develop come to play here. Everything we can do to help others counts, whether these are grand gestures or meaningful little things.

There are people who are really called to serve, and this becomes their profession and way of living. The members of the Philippine Army, for example, serve the country and its people day by day.

It’s not often that we are given the opportunity to give back by being of service to those who serve us. For me, this chance came when I was invited to be a resource speaker at a Philippine Army Officers Ladies Club, Inc. (PAOLCI) seminar last September.

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Before I get to the details of my talk, I’d first like to tell you a bit about the PAOLCI.

This is a non-profit organization, which serves as a support group to the Philippine Army. Its members are the wives of Philippine Army Officers in the active service. To contribute and enhance the general welfare of the Philippine Army Family through various programs and projects is its main mission. The end-goal is to nurture the holistic welfare of the Philippine Army Family, to promote camaraderie among its members, and to fulfill its core purpose of building a strong family, and a strong Philippine Army.

Their president, Ms. Divina V. More, wrote to ask me if I could join them for a session on Social Graces and Protocol. This seminar was organized with the intent to further develop and refine the strength of the military wife. The aim was to reinforce the army wife’s role and purpose, teach her to find grace under pressure, and develop the proper deportment and attitude that comes with this

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The seminar was set to be a whole-day affair. In the morning, topics such as Good Manners and Right Conduct, Proper Dressing, and The Art of Conversation were discussed.

I was assigned to speak in the afternoon. I have always found it challenging to speak after lunch because the audience is usually sleepy at this time. This is why I chose to start my session with an energy-raising activity. After this, I shared a little about myself, the story of how I built my own image, and how I established my image consultancy business. I wanted the ladies to get to know me better, and also to establish trust and credibility.

For my talk during this seminar, I opted to talk about the importance of image, and how this can be used to inspire other people. Through my time with them, I wanted to make these army wives aware of how image is comprised of a person’s appearance, along with personal branding, etiquette, and manner of communication.

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I was so motivated to speak to the women of PAOLCI because they showed such great interest in the topic, and listened intently to what I had to say. They were very eager to learn, and to use these learnings to become the best versions of themselves. I feel like I really connected with my audience because of this, and that made the experience all the more special and memorable for me.

A month after my session, I wrote back to Ms. More to ask how the ladies felt about the session, and whether it has helped them at all. I was so pleased to hear that they were all very satisfied with the talk, and are looking forward to having more sessions in their succeeding seminars. They felt that the topic was interesting, and they particularly liked how I was able to use my personality and valued spirituality to accentuate my expertise.

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They called the session a total package for women empowerment, and found it very useful. It taught them to look good, feel good, do good, and grab opportunities to inspire others. One of the great take-aways they had from the session was that a person’s true value of beauty and style radiates from within, and inspires one to pursue their calling and be extraordinary inside and out. Also that we are all created in the image and likeness of God.

According to the participants, the talk helped boost their confidence and self-esteem in the workplace and their home. It has raised their level of productivity, too. They now have more meaningful interactions with the people around them, and are able to be more respectful and mindful in build lasting relationships with co-members.

Here are some scenes from my talk with the Philippine Army Officers Ladies Club, Inc.

I am so glad that I had the chance to touch the lives of these ladies. And the truth is, whether or not they realize it, they touched my life that day, too. To be of service is a huge calling, and I personally would like to thank them for the service that they give to their families, those around them, and to the entire nation.

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