Clicks to Bricks: A Talk on Effective Selling and Branding (Online and In-Concept Stores)

Last March 18, 2018, I was invited to speak by Ms. Dee Perez about unleashing the power of branding through image, to participants who are part of CONCEPT STORE PHILIPPINES and SHOPITUDE. This event was held in SM Light Conference Hall.

My colleague from Network for Enterprising Women (NEW) Ms. Myren Garcia introduced me to Ms. Dee Perez who owns these two concept and lifestyle stores. Ms. Perez initiated the Clicks to Bricks event and offered it for free to concept store owners, existing brand partners, and aspiring sellers. She was so kind-hearted for wanting to provide this sales skills and personal branding training to all their concept store owners, online sellers, and employees to help them grow their business better. She was willing to spend for the venue, food, and speakers because of her great support and love for them and their businesses.

Concept Store Philippines is a community of concept store owners who are looking for tenants, and online sellers looking for a place where they can sell their items. We can find their group in different malls around the metro. While, Shopitude is a retail and lifestyle store that was established in 2014 and caters to different brands online who wish to showcase their products online or through pop-up store/showroom. Shopitude specializes in services and innovation for all the potential brand partners. What is great about being part of TEAM SHOPITUDE (as they collectively call their Shopitude tenants) is that they build business relationships with their members with a personal touch and treats them as family. It is so good to always be part of a community that will help you enhance yourself and your business.

I was assigned to talk from 1PM-3PM and then after my session, Ms. Sandy Allan-Beltran talked about Online Selling and Bazaars. My 2-hour talk covered what image is and why it is important, its components, brand values, visual impact, and image management to name a few. My audience was comprised of owners and employees of retail and lifestyle stores, online sellers and resellers, male and female from 20’s to retirees.  And my goal was for them to realize how their image management has the ability to unleash their potentials and that creating a good image is incredibly important in their personal and professional success. Remember, we only have less than five seconds to grab people’s attention and convey our message. And this is what I want them to understand as they think about their business brands. The objectives of this session are for the participants to permeate a strategic brand message 24/7, improve their customer acquisition and loyalty, attract higher caliber of ideal customers, and gain greater confidence, poise and strategic influence. This also includes improving employee morale and boosting performance, building stronger relationships, and marketing their brand expertise upwards with conviction.

After my talk, we had a question and answer segment so that I can address their other concerns on effective selling and branding. The participants understood the importance of appearance and branding in their business and how they are perceived overall by the way they present themselves to their clients.

Creating a brand that speaks strongly about your business and its values is vital to the overall success of your company. I have personally seen businesses soar to greater heights after creating a powerful brand that truly represents them. Let your business achieve higher potential through power of image branding.

Toni Miranda is a certified International Brand Image Consultant, A Speaker and Trainer. If you need an inspirational resource speaker who is an expert in Image Branding, Executive Presence, Social Graces and effective communication skills please visit us at Radiance Image Consultancy.