Travel: A Sure Antidote to Stress

I am a certified travel bug!  I love to go to different places. One of my dreams is to explore the world. Travelling is one way of becoming exposed to a broader perspective. Besides, I am not confined to where I am and see around. When I travel, I make sure to enjoy the beautiful sceneries the culture, people and food.

More than this, I believe that traveling is an effective approach in managing one’s stress. It may be expensive but it really depends on how someone values stress management.

Holiday vacations or getaways are part of people’s plans and schedules on a yearly basis or even more often. Again, this depends on time and financial resources. Yet, the common reason that many individuals travel is to get away from all the routine and relieve the pressures building inside them.

I agree with this!

That is why one reason I travel a lot is to eliminate stress. Based on my research, travel reduces, if it does not completely remove stress, in many ways.

Some bloggers wrote that it has been proven scientifically that taking a trip elsewhere once in a while increases contentment and decreases sadness. Vacationers or tourists feel fully rested and less harassed a few days after their vacation. This feeling usually lasts for many weeks and months.

Health benefits are also important. It causes a marked improvement in heart wellbeing. According to a study made in the United Kingdom, women who traveled at least once every two years or even less are less likely to suffer from coronary heart ailments. Travel also results in better sleeping habits after vacationing for one week up to 12 days.

At the same time, travel enhances brain health because this activity is an opportunity for meeting more people and adapting to novel situations. The frequent traveler becomes more aware especially in terms of culture. Studies revealed it is good for one’s fitness since new experiences lead to cognitive flexibility and sharpness of the mind. Moreover, I found out that fresh air that a person gets while going to pollution-free places augments oxygen flow in the body and provides more energy.

Yet, some of my peers say the money factor can make travel stressful.  Nope! This is not the point since we can always plan ahead and save for this much-needed respite.

I still say that we need to travel not only to enjoy life but make sure that we get rid of stress that can only ruin our lives.

Take it from someone who has done this during the past few years. I can help you in making plans and suggesting places where you need not spend a fortune.

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