Professional Image for Teachers at Casa del Nino Montessori

Before heading to Casa del Niño, I had lunch with my friend, Farrah A Cabanban, CEO of Casa del Niño School Systems. It was Farrah who invited me to conduct a Professional Image Training Program at their school.

After lunch, we headed to the school in Biñan. When we entered the gate, I remembered how it was to be in school. The teachers greeted us with a smile. The Radiance Team set up the camera to document the event. Everyone was curious and excited to learn.

The Professional Image Program was a 4-hour intensive program held on June 5, 2018. The program was set for the school managers, supervisors, and teachers.

The purpose of the training program was as follows:

  1. To improve the participants’ executive presence of the participants.
  2. To project an authentic Personal Brand synergistic with Casa Del Niño Montessori School.
  3. To boost the participants’ morale and confidence in facing daily tasks.
  4. To help deal with different types of personalities.
  5. To become role models to others.
  6. To improve relationships with colleagues, subordinates, and to become a respected leader.

The participants who were from ages 20 to 40 needed a boost in their confidence because they act as role models to the students and parents. They were taught how to be confident and how to look and to command authority.

In every talk, the participants learned something new. They learned that being in authority gives them a higher level of respect. When people see that you respect yourself, they will also respect you. And this confidence is evident from the inside out.

I also trained them how to speak, act, and communicate as a Professional Speaker. Learning this skill will help them become inspiring to their students.

Watch the highlight of the Professional Image Training Program at Casa del Niño.

After the program, I was overwhelmed by their feedback. Let me share with you some of them.

“Before the talk of Miss Toni, I used to believe I’m already okay. I graduated cum laude in college. I am a good teacher… But after the talk, I realized that there is so much more to learn. I need to develop myself to have a professional image not only physically but also emotionally and most importantly, spiritually.” -Vincent Reyes

“Before I heard Miss Toni, I have no self-confidence. I’m so conscious of my body. But after this seminar, I believe that t there will be a change. I need to change myself to be better.” -Yoshie Jakosalem

“I’d like to thank Miss Toni Miranda for giving us the opportunity to be with her here at our school…I’m very sure that this school year will be a different school year because we started it with the Mission and Vision, alignment of our curriculum and then this, how do we present ourselves to our students and clients. So with the help of Radiance Consultancy, I’m sure that we will be at a level higher and we will achieve our goals this school year. Thank you once again, Radiance.” – Farrah Cabanban

We all had mentors and teachers who changed our perspective on life. These are the teachers we will always remember. If you are a school administrator and would like to focus on developing your teachers’ Professional Image, do not hesitate to send us a message. You can also go through the other services offered by Radiance Image Consultancy.