How Enhancing Executive Presence Boosts Productivity

Image and Executive Presence play a vital role in the productivity of an employee or manager. An increase in their work productivity affects the entire organization as well. A person’s level of productivity is proportional to his or her level of confidence.

Talents, innovative ideas, leadership skills, and competence are crucial to success. Yet, there’s a missing link that will allow you to unleash your talents to their fullest potential. This is Executive Presence. Executive presence means “demonstrating the judgment to do the right thing”, says Mark W. Sickles, a prominent organizational architect and adviser to many corporate boards.

Your audience can feel your presence once you walk into a room. An excellent speaker conveys a message even without saying a single word. In my workshops, I always point this out. Anyone can learn and develop a Professional Image and Executive Presence. The key factors in enhancing these are intentionality and consistency. Don’t forget good grooming, fitness, substance, and body language.

How Executive Presence Boosts Productivity

The entire organization, including the rank and file and company officers, must see the value of executive presence. They must embrace its importance in promoting efficiency at work.

First, you need a powerful vision of what you’re seeking to achieve. Regardless of your position, think big and think outside the box. Avoiding getting caught up in the middle of the road strategies. Look at the organization’s perspective in addressing issues or pursuing fresh opportunities. In short, stick to the company’s bottom line. You must be capable in articulating this vision in an effective way.

A study from the Northcentral University entitled, “How does Self Image Impact Employee Performance” says, “After all, history tells us – our positive, healthy self-image coupled with a hard work ethic can lead to more job satisfaction, which in turn leads to success both inside and outside of the office.”

Executive Presence relates to Appearance, Gravitas, Communication Skills, and Digital Presence. All these impact employee productivity both inside and outside the company. Competent employees are those who succeeded in developing a positive image. But, an image that is not authentic can be a drawback.

Executive presence is also about building and enhancing one’s communication skills. Exemplary leadership translates to how the leader communicates to subordinates, colleagues, and superiors. Individuals with a compelling executive presence are very good communicators, verbal and non-verbal skills are evident in body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.

At the same time, you should be an attentive listener. Listening is a way of acquiring novel ideas and interacting with other people. People with remarkable executive presence must discern how others perceive their capabilities. Are you a good communicator? Ask your mentors and get reactions from peers and friends on how they see you in a variety of situations.

 Look Good, Feel Good

It’s natural that if you look respectable, you will feel good as well. You gain confidence once people around you validate this feeling. Executive presence means concentrating on reinforcing your natural talents. Enhancing this heightens professional self-esteem in the workplace. If it worked for me, then it will work for you provided you follow these pointers.

  1. Be mindful of how you present yourself.
  2. Practice good communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal.
  3. Aspire to be an inspiration and not an irritation.
  4. Be consistent in improving self.
  5. Be a positive influence to others.

How productive are your employees? Do they feel empowered at work? Help them develop their Executive Presence to increase personal and organizational productivity.

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