The Power of First Impressions

The first time I meet you and shake your hand, I have already formed my assessment of you. Your nonverbal cues set the tone of my first impression.  This happens in seven seconds.

What are these nonverbal cues? These are your gestures, facial expression, clothing, and how you communicate. They tell me if I can trust you or not. And whether you are the best person for the job or do I look for someone else.

Science tells us that our primitive survival instinct kicks in when we meet a person for the first time. Even before you say a word, I have already formed a decision whether you are a friend or a foe.

First impression is the creation of a mental image of another at first meeting. The biased image formed by the observer is from the nonverbal cues projected by the subject. As mentioned earlier, people observe the clothes you wear, how well you communicate, and your facial expressions.

Unfortunately, as Andrew Grant says, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” People who observe you the first time find it difficult to change their opinion of you. That is why it is crucial to make your first impression not only positive but impactful.

Benefits of a Powerful First Impression

Leaving an impactful first impression is crucial, especially to your corporate image. It helps you land your desired job. A positive first impression will improve business as you get new clients. It will also create new connections and widen your network.

The power of first impressions has three benefits:

  1. First Impression impacts leadership. Outstanding leaders are capable of making that good first impression. They are aware of what subordinates expect from them. Authentic connection with people helps you succeed as a leader. Leaders who created a powerful first impression earns the respect of their employees. They are able to lead the team towards excellence.
  2. First Impression enhances customer experience. A positive first impression is key to building and sustaining a strong relationship with your customers. Whether you respond to customers in person, over the phone, or through email, they can feel you. They can sense your sincerity and it sets the tone for the whole customer experience.
  3. First impression improves productivity. The all-important First Impression translates to productivity or efficiency. You gain self-confidence right away after delivering that positive impact. And a self-confident person turns out effective and productive.

How to Make a Powerful First Impression

The Power of First Impressions starts from SHEEP or Smiles, Handshake, Eye Contact, Energy Level, and Posture.

Smiles are valuable facial expressions. They manifest interest, compassion, excitement, and concern. A smile creates a welcoming environment.

Handshakes are necessary for interpersonal encounters and relationships. A handshake empowers or undermines relationships.

Eye contact is looking at someone in the eye while talking. This shows that the person you are talking to has your complete attention. Good eye contact also imparts interest to others.

Energy level requires that you exude positive energy and competence. This is also seen in the level of confidence to impress other people.

Posture indicates how you carry yourself, how you walk, stand, and sit down. The simple formula to remember is “Head up, stomach in, chest out, and shoulders back.”

Let me give you the basics on how to craft a remarkable first impression.

  • Good Attitude is the “cornerstone of Power Etiquette.” It is the personality trait that encompasses your actions and present in all aspects of everyday life.
  • First Greeting referring to the handshake demonstrates professionalism, confidence, and credibility.
  • Getting Acquainted means the introduction to a business or professional relationship. You must learn how to make the proper introductions to avoid conveying a negative impression. The most important word is the person’s name, which represents one of our treasured assets.
  • Body Language represents the “form of non-verbal communication which consists of expressions, gestures, body movement, and posture.” It communicates unspoken messages to others.
  • Personal Grooming denotes the manner of presenting yourself. Maintaining your health, cleanliness, and charm are all part of daily grooming.

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