The World Needs More Authenticity and So Does Your Self

Truth is a rare commodity these days. People are used to keeping secrets from one another; some choose to edit their photos online while others take part in lies to protect their reputation and credibility.

In a world that supports lying, however, there is a need for authenticity, aka a thirst for the truth. Not only is it essential for building a better place, it is also valuable for your self-growth.

The Need for Authenticity

Authenticity plays a huge role in leveling up your confidence. Extra ordinary confidence emanates from a life that is lived confidently from the inside out – and by nature, can never be achieved from the outside-in.

If you know that you are living a dual life, it’s easy to doubt your own abilities and strengths. You don’t trust yourself since you know you keep secrets. This poses a problem because self-confidence is determined by your trust in yourself, as well as on the truth of who you are. Only then can you have a sense of integrity and project authenticity that is worth the trust of others.

But we have to begin from who we are now and where we came from. We need to look back at who we truly are first.

When you are authentic, you accept the good truth, not the fake persona you are embracing. You appreciate what you have to offer and don’t compromise just because others are doing so. You are also realistic about others; you respect others and can understand their way of thinking

Authentic people also know when to speak up and stand for what is right and when to remain silent. You pursue your vision and target your goals for your life. As a result, you develop Extraordinary Confidence.

But Why Do People Brush Off Authenticity?

Not everyone’s a big fan of who they truly are. We deny painful experiences, as much as possible. Also, there is the tendency to please men because we want to belong. Some people choose to build a façade to meet an unmet desire during childhood.

Our view of authenticity got distorted so we try to create another persona. Because of our painful past we try to recover on our own strength and live a dual life to achieve what we think is self-confidence. We were also influenced by other people who live unauthentic lives.

It’s Time to Embrace Your Authentic Self

Being authentic can be uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Accepting who you are is the first step to embracing a better version of yourself. It is important that you surrender your fear and your urge to be liked by everyone.

Start by reflecting on what you are drawn to do. List down your struggles when it comes to being your authentic self. Also, pray to the Lord for assurance and guidance. Embracing authenticity requires embracing your weaknesses and previous mistakes, which can be difficult. Still, keep in mind that all of these are for your good.

We all have our authentic stories, but not everyone is proud of them. My authentic story isn’t exactly perfect; I’ve struggled with envy, pride, sadness, immorality, and more. If I were to be honest, I’d rather hide behind a perfect person’s mask. But I would tire myself out by living a lie.

We Need to Confront Our Authentic Stories

Our stories of confidence are life journeys made up of experiences that created a blueprint of how we view of ourselves – molding our self-worth, self-confidence, and aspirations in life. Our story gives insight to who we are and what people will later see and know about us.

If you’re scared, don’t worry. First of all, there is always new hope in the Lord.

But those who hope in the LORD     
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,     
they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:31

Find your strength to live out your truth in Him. With God, He will straighten your path and help you be more honest with who you are in Him.

Be Authentic Today!

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