The Power of Executive Presence Program for Green Circle Realty Sales Directors and Managers

Green Circle Realty is celebrating their 12th year in the business this year. One of the company’s direction for the year is to strengthen their personal branding. The president, Mr. Gabriel Billy Dominguez, is looking for a trainer that will do just that. He wants a trainer who could help elevate the image and brand of his employees and “salespreneurs.”

Being a colleague at BNI or Business Network International and PAPS Philippine Association of Professional Speakers, Mr. Dominguez invited me to their company’s sales rally. Both Mr. Dominguez and I agree that Radiance’s top-selling program, “The Power of Executive Presence” is in line with the company’s direction.

I planned a two-day program on July 16 and 17, 2018, that would target the sales directors and managers. The Power of Executive Presence Program will teach the participants how to create a powerful presence. This will be evident in their look, how they act, and how they communicate. They will have the knowledge of power dressing. They will learn to improve their communication skills. They will also create their personal brand to improve their image.

The program will empower the participants with the cutting edge tools in image branding. It will also help create a new mindset necessary to immediately put ideas into action. In the end, it will create a clear view of the organization’s vision.

The objectives of this training program include:

  1. To improve executive presence and project an authentic Personal Brand synergistic with Green Circle Realty Sales, Inc. and Lancaster brand
  2. To boost the participant’s morale and confidence in facing daily tasks as Sales Directors and Sales Managers and in dealing with various types of people including high-end clients
  3. To become role-models for others and improve relationships with their colleagues, subordinates, and become
  4. a highly respected leader
  5. To recognize the vital role of Image in Personal/Corporate Branding and leverage the influential power of first impressions
  6. To use powerful Communication Skills (Body Language and Non-Verbal) to convey a Professional Presence and achieve company goals.

The two-day training program will teach the Green Circle Realty Sales team the following:

  • Dressing appropriately for their position
  • Communication style is more clear and succinct
  • Grasp the importance of personal image as a component of the corporate brand
  • Realize the profound impact of first impressions and superficial judgments
  • Distinguish levels of business dress and how to dress for every business occasion
  • Receive positive comments from other colleagues by their wardrobe/grooming refinement, executive presence, and confidence
  • How participants act as a role-models to colleagues and other employees

I came up with activities and practical exercises to develop a new mindset within them. I wanted to fuel their desire to look like professional realtors. I taught them how to have power dressing for real estate brokers.

We had role-playing, strategic planning body analysis, and color analysis. They also learned the proper attire that will suit their body shape and personality. They also learned how to build stronger business relationships by practicing business etiquette and non-verbal communication skills.

I also gave them the secret formula for having a powerful mindset. Having this mindset will improve and enrich their executive presence.

At the end of the training program, my team asked the participants what their learnings, takeaways, and even feedback. Let me share some of them here:

I used to not like attending seminars like this. I didn’t think it is important. And I don’t I need to go through it. But I liked what I have experienced for the past two days. I liked what I realized about myself.

I used to be shy, ladylike, and not conscious of how I look. What I loved and learned from the Executive Presence training is that I need to be aware of how I look. I also need to be conscious of my posture. I need to have self-confidence. I have to do everything to correct my posture.

What I loved and learned from the Executive Presence training is how to talk with the right gestures. I also learned how to talk with confidence in front of a lot of people. I learned that appropriate dressing adds to confidence. Now I know what clothes to wear and what not to wear.

I used to be a disorganized person. But I learned from the training that I need to be more organized especially in my line of work.

Day 1 of The Power of Executive Presence for Green Circle Realty

Day 2

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