Professional Presence and Effective Management Skills Program for Metrodental Department Heads

Radiance Image facilitated a Professional Presence and Basic Management Skills Seminar for MetroDental. This is the second time the company availed of Radiance’s services. Their previous workshop on Image Branding and Effective Management Skills was successful. This second seminar will be for the Department and Cluster Heads.

The seminar was set for September 3 to 4 and 10-11 at the City Garden Hotel. The participants included the Quality and Training Manager, Technical Operations Manager, HR Manager, Clinical Operations Manager, Finance Manager, and the Corporate Sales Manager. Attendees were in their 30s to 40s.

The Professional Presence and Effective Management Skills Program is a comprehensive 4- day training workshop. The purpose is to equip Metro Dental’s Corporate Leaders. These leaders need to hone their leadership and personal skills.

These are the modules the participants will go through:
1. The Power of Leadership and People Management Skills.
2. Personal Brand and Professional Image
3. Building Stronger Business Relationships Through Etiquette and Communication Skills

This will ensure improved communication with their clients, subordinates, and colleagues. The leaders will inspire the team to deliver a higher level of performance.

On the first day, we started a strategic planning activity. We divided the participants into three groups. They needed to come up with strategies on how to improve their branding, appearance, and behavior as leaders.

They were also asked to share the blessings as part of the MetroDental company. Some of these blessings include their job, meeting new people even celebrities, the opportunity to study abroad, and finding love.

The topic of finding your ‘Why’ is one of their favorites. Let me share some of their responses to ‘What is your why?’

  • My Why is to do something different.
  • My Why is to be an inspiration to new graduates and create a good impression and image.
  • My Why is to be a good role model for my family and friends.
  • My why is to do collaborative work and practice good management.
  • My Why is to be a contributor and I want people to remember me as one having a good image. And that I look and feel good.

After the workshop, the participants had to write their commitments. I have highlighted some of them.

  • I am aware that I tend to talk about other people. I commit to lessen my gossiping.
  • I commit to doing my own personal branding for myself and everyone else.
  • I am aware that I have to improve on my communication skills. I commit to talking slowly and clearly. I also commit to being punctual.

The top 3 topics that they enjoyed the most were:

  1. Image improvement through power dressing
  2. Giving compliments and criticism
  3. Problem solving and Image

The most valuable takeaways were:

That I should be God-centered. – Dr. Deejay

Good image is a choice. – Dr. Gina

Be flexible and learn to accept criticisms to improve. – Ms Queenie Badiola

To dedicate the change to God. – Dr. Ryan

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