The Power of Executive Presence for Green Circle Realty Sales Managers and Sales Associates

Radiance Image received an overwhelming response from Green Circle Realty. The Power of Executive Presence training for sales directors was a success. My Billy Dominguez requested a two-day training on the Power of Executive Presence on July 26 and 27, 2018.  This second batch of participants included the sales managers and sales associates. In fact, batch 2 was overbooked so we have to open the third batch of training the following month.

The objectives of this training program include:

  1. To improve executive presence and project an authentic Personal Brand synergistic with Green Circle Realty Sales, Inc. and Lancaster brand
  2. To boost the participant’s morale and confidence in facing daily tasks as Sales Directors and Sales Managers and in dealing with various types of people including high-end clients
  3. To become role-models for others and improve relationships with their colleagues, subordinates, and become
  4. a highly respected leader
  5. To recognize the vital role of Image in Personal/Corporate Branding and leverage the influential power of first impressions
  6. To use powerful Communication Skills (Body Language and Non-Verbal) to convey a Professional Presence and achieve company goals.

I customized the program based on their responsibilities, goals, and market exposure. I added more activities to this batch. An intensive mind setting was also added for their practical application.

I wanted to help increase their credibility and influence. They also need to gain confidence when dealing with clients and their colleagues. This is the key to building their executive presence.

I helped them lessen the gap between how people perceive them and how they want to be perceived. One of the ways I show them how to project a powerful presence is by sharing my story. I have proven that this has inspired participants in their journey towards change.

What would the Power of Executive Presence training bring to the company?

  • The participants will improve their executive presence as they represent the Green Circle Realty.
  • There would be greater teamwork which will boost team results.
  • Sales Managers and associates who are proactive in cultivating a professional presence will become effective and valuable brand image ambassadors of the company.
  • Team or group leaders will serve as role models and mentors to others.

The second batch of participants shared with us what they loved and learned about the Power of Executive Presence training.

I used to be self-conscious. I learned from the Executive Presence seminar to be more confident. I commit to continue improving myself by listening to podcasts, attending helpful seminars, and reading motivational books. I also commit to scheduling a continuous and consistent session with my life coach.

I took for granted the way I dress before because I got used to wearing comfortable clothes anywhere I go. But this time, I learned that I have to change. Starting today I have to choose what I wear to the office and on every occasion.

I used to be shy and afraid to speak in public. I learned from the Executive Presence seminar that I need to affirm and love myself. Whenever I experience negativity in my life I need to respond in a positive way. I commit to being optimistic and have confidence in myself.

I used to be not conscious and now I will change that and commit to being more confident. I learned how to talk, dress, be aware of my posture, and to look professional. I commit to start this tomorrow and commit to having confidence in myself.

I used to be sassy, unfriendly, and have no self-confidence. I learned from the Executive Presence seminar that I need to be more confident. I commit to improve my speaking and to be a good listener. I also need to practice my writing to be able to communicate well with people. I commit to improve my posture and to smile more so that people won’t see me as a snob.

Let me share the highlights of Day 1 of the Power of Executive Presence

Day 2

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