A Talk on Creating a Powerful Presence for CCF Center’s Medical Team

The CCF Center’s Medical Team held their second fellowship this year. Dr. Maricor Pomperada-Tibe, a friend and sister in Christ, invited me to give a short inspirational talk on Image.

I love my work as an Image Consultant and Motivational Trainer and Speaker. I enjoy what I do and it has become a personal ministry. My schedule was full that week. I was going to attend the Asia Professional Speakers Convention in Singapore in a few days. But I couldn’t miss the opportunity to serve my brothers and sisters in Christ.

My daughter Monique accompanied me. My two other friends from CCF, Loidie, and Jacky also graced my invitation.

I had the privilege to speak to the doctors and ushers of CCF Center’s Host Team Ministry. The ministry held their quarterly general assembly on May 10, 2018.

I wanted to help empower the volunteer doctors who serve in the ministry. As medical practitioners, they need to project confidence and credibility. As a result, they will gain the trust of the people they minister to.

Volunteer work shouldn’t be a drag. The spirit of volunteerism is evident in their happy disposition. It also is seen in the clothes they wear by having the right fit, style, and color. More important is the way they speak, their behavior, manners, and facial expression. Doctors and other volunteers should develop self-confidence.

Ccf med team watermarked2

At the end of my short talk, I was able to share my story with them. I shared how I found true beauty. I found true beauty when I surrendered my whole being to God. That beauty within me radiated outside. This beauty projected my professional presence and confidence.

The other speakers were Attorney Tibe, who reviewed the Legal Nuances and Dr. Macor gave some church announcements.

After the talk, the participants gave their feedback. They felt enlightened and had a better perspective on the importance of Image. I’m happy to hear that they learned a lot and have now become conscious of how they look, speak, and act. The talk also opened new doors for me.

I received another invitation to train the members of the Host Team in August. Unfortunately, I had to decline the invitation because of the conflict in schedule. I also serve as a Life Coach at the Glorious Hope Recovery Program in Alabang. I informed Ms. Tess Gelaga that I am willing to train her team after the Glorious Hope Program, which is in November 3, 2018. I am looking forward to helping their team as well.

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