Pipino Vegetarian Food

Did you know that there is a difference between a vegan and a vegetarian? Vegans not only avoid all forms of meat. They also do not consume eggs, dairy and other animal products. Vegetarian on the other hand do not eat meat as well but tend to consume eggs and dairy. If you recently embraced the Vegan lifestyle, then Pipino, an offshoot of Pino restaurant, is a go-to place for you and your meat-loving friends.

It has been a practice by mostly the younger generation to take photos of your food before devouring them right? The simplicity of the interiors and the food presentation are so Instagram worthy.

To begin my vegetarian experience, I ordered something familiar, the Tofu Sisig (Php 195), which is part of their Vegan Filipino line of dishes. While nothing beats the original Pork Sisig, Pipino’s their take on the iconic Filipino dish was a brave effort. It had just the right amount of spices and topped onions.  The seaweed chicharon adds a nice touch and balances out the tanginess of the dish. I was impressed with this dish!

Next was the Vegan Lasagna (Php 165). This pasta dish has spinach, ricotta, vegan cheese, mixed vegetables with their homemade tomato sauce. It was soft to the bite and I barely tasted the vegetables at all, which is a good thing. The spinach works surprisingly well as a meat substitute. Its texture added another dimension to my pasta experience.

Finally, I had the Portobello Burger (Php 295). It was a whole mushroom stuffed with vegan cheese and some barbecue sauce. Some Vegan burgers are usually a hit or miss. But Pipino’s Portobello Burger has no intention of copying the beef-based burger. The chewiness of the mushroom stands out and is complemented well by the gooey vegan cheese.

I would also recommend their Black Bean Burger, other pasta dishes, cupcakes, muffins, grilled veggie dishes.

Pipino serves organic vegetarian food without any pretension. They do not intend for you to have a meat simulation experience of some sort. They serve great tasting vegetable based dishes which are also a feast for the eyes.

Try something new this year by checking out Pipino at 39 Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City. Call them at (02) 441-1773 and (02) 2121212. Find them here. For updates and inquiries, do check out their Facebook page. You may also email them at pipinovegetarian@gmail.com