The Impact of Executive Presence on Business at the PCCI Las Piñas Christmas Party

It was an honor to speak on Sustaining Wellness of the Business at the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry Las Piñas Chapter Christmas Party. My sister-in-law, Myraflor Miranda, invited me to speak on November 28 at the Hakka Restaurant in Marcos Alvarez, Las Pinas City. She is a Board of Trustee Member of PCCI Las Piñas Chapter and Chairperson of LCPI GMM and Christmas Party 2018.

The Las Piñas Chapter of PCCI started on October 29, 1993. The mission was to promote the businesses in the city and for community development. Aside from myself, the other speaker was Mr. Paolo Martin Trinidad, founder of Pinoy Laughter Yoga in the country.

Wellness is one of my advocacies. I make it a priority to live a healthy and balanced life. But wellness does not only apply to our physical bodies. As business owners, we should also make sure that our businesses are “healthy.” To sustain the business, we must likewise take care of our overall wellness.

Business owners have many concerns and duties. Aside from making sure that their businesses remain profitable, they oversee the operations. They also supervise employees, make business plans, and interact with clients every day.

Entrepreneurs speak with different kinds of people every day on a regular basis. They are the representatives of their business. So the way they present themselves is so critical. Having executive presence is an important aspect of owning and running a business. First, it impacts the business leader. Second, it improves customer experience. And third, it boosts productivity. A person’s level of productivity is proportional to his or her level of confidence. An increase in their productivity affects the entire organization as well.

Businesses face different challenges. These include hiring the wrong people and different values and beliefs of staff. Because of this conflict, the business does not achieve desirable profitability. Some businesses have poor leadership which results in poor management. This affects the employee-employer relationship. If the business is recently established, it has not proven its credibility.

Executive Presence is an all-encompassing quality of a leader. The character, competencies, and professional image project authority, credibility, and integrity. Not all business owners know the importance of having an executive presence. They are not aware of the effect of their image to future clients. How they carry themselves, how they communicate, and even the clothes they wear affects their brand image.

I encouraged the PCCI members that no one is born with Executive Presence. It is a skill that they can learn and develop. I shared 5 ways to develop an executive presence.

  1. Honor God.
  2. Build a consistent inspiring image.
  3. Help your colleague develop this trait.
  4. Find a Support Group like professional and church groups that can help you grow.
  5. Express your vision.

Dr. Martha Gottschalk, an organizational psychologist and coach says that “Leaders or managers have the unique potential to serve as an energizing force within organizations today. With their position and collective experiences, they have the ability to influence not only what transpires within our work lives, but how we process those moments.” 

How confident are you in leading your organization? Do you want to improve your leadership skills to foster communication and collaboration among members? 

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