The Capitol Building Of Dumaguete: A Stately Landmark In The City

Built in 1924, the Capitol Building of Dumaguete serves as the office of the governor, and other provincial government officers. It is a standing reminder of the history of the city, particularly of the American occupation.

The building was designed by then-city planner, architect Daniel Hudson Burnham. A row of Ionic columns is found at the façade of the Grecian-style building, which was modeled after the Capitol building in the United States. This style of architecture was very popular in the US during the time of this building’s construction, and the Americans purposely adapted this design in its colonies. You will find similar-looking structures in Manila, too, like the National Museum and Post Office buildings.

Here’s a little bit of trivia. The style and color of the building holds a bit of symbolism, which is largely what made this type of architecture popular. This design itself pays homage to Greece, the birthplace of democracy. It symbolizes strength and fortitude, two virtues that a government office is expected to uphold. The color white represents purity, another virtue that a political officer ought to embody.

The best view of the capitol can be seen from across the street at Freedom Park. I recommend that you visit at dusk, as the building looks mighty and stately with the sun setting behind it. Once you’ve witnessed its majesty for yourself, you are sure to appreciate this fine structure even more.

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