Level Up in Healthy Eating with Real Food

If you’ve been following Toni.ph long enough, you will see that I personally advocate healthy lifestyle that improves the overall wellness of every individual. This is why whenever I discover places that provide food or services that enhance one’s well-being, I excitedly feature them here to share with you all.

Part of having a healthy lifestyle is healthy eating. Eating healthy can be simple. You commit to a diet, plan your meals, and make sure that you eat according to your goals and your body’s needs. Eating organically, however, is another story. Looking for ingredients that are 100% authentic are challenging to find nowadays, since fresh ingredients are not always “farm-fresh.” Luckily for the folks here down south of the metro, a hero has come to save the day. Real Food, located in Molito in Alabang, will make convince you that eating organic can be a reality.

The store, which claims to be a “new concept in neighborhood groceries,” is proud to source all of their products personally from farms and organic retailers, to ensure that what they sell are certified healthy. They sell all kinds of products, from fresh produce such as free-range meats, organic vegetables, and fresh juices, to pre-packaged products from several organic retailers like The Healthy Grocery, Pili Pino, and Henry and Sons. Not only that, they even sell potted plants with all sorts of herbs. They also have originally-labeled Real Food products. For a small grocery, it’s surprising to see how complete and comprehensive the goods they offer!

I first visited the store in August 2016. While it was already late in the afternoon, natural light flooded the area through their unobstructed windows making the atmosphere very cozy. Coupled with a classy wooden interior and art installations on their walls, you’re looking at a grocery that not only promotes good products, but is aesthetically fine as well. The ambiance is great, and their products are organized well.

The prices may be a little steep, but very much worth it, considering the effort the owners make to curate their products. I even encountered one of the store owners personally carrying a shipment of products inside the grocery. They are that involved in their business, and you can really feel their commitment in ensuring that their customers get nothing less than the best.  Up to this date, I still buy most of my food-related stuff from this store. I have posted a picture here of the usual items I buy from them regularly.

I cannot stress enough the importance of mindful eating. We only have one body and we should take care of it. Let’s not wait for our body to succumb to so many illnesses before we take charge of our overall wellness. Choosing organic or a healthier alternative has been my intentional decision because for me, the way I take care of my body is my worship to God, and how I impart what I learn about health and wellness to others is my way of serving Him.

Therefore, whether you’re a health buff, a vegan or vegetarian, or simply someone who is looking to take their healthy eating to the next level, I recommend you try out Real Food as they take the bar higher in serving authentic and wholesome products. Real Food is one of the growing health establishments that promote organic and natural food consumption. After all, food that is cruelty-free and farmer-friendly remains the best kind of food that we can consume. Eating good and feeling good are their priority, and we hope they keep it that way for years to come.


Address: Madrigal Avenue corner Commerce Avenue Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Contact Number: +632 772 0131

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/realfood123/