Salcedo Market and My Top 6 Must-Try Organic Stalls

Salcedo has been part of my weekend life. This is my go-to market since I started my healthy and organic way of living. I make sure I arrive here before 6am to catch the fresh meat, fruits, vegetables and other organic products. I usually take my breakfast here already as there are many stalls for food. The food and beverage ideas were absolutely creative and surprisingly delicious, not to mention all-natural and/or organic. There’s a tendency for these foods to taste bland and to look less appetizing, but not around Salcedo, so prepare to be surprised.

Narrowing down my all-time favorite Salcedo Market stalls to six was quite a challenge because there is always something different that you must try in every stall you come across with at the weekend market! I could write about all of them here but that would be too long. So here it is, my Top 6 Must-Try Salcedo Market picks (in no particular order):


I never realized what I have been missing out on until my friend Rosel introduced me to Fruit Dates. You can say that this is one date you should always keep. Their stall carries a wide-range of organic fruit dates products that will make your life sweeter and healthier. You can check out more about it from my post here.

2. THC (Truly Homemade Chips)

As I was allowing myself to leisurely tread along the maze of stalls in this weekend market, and after having tasted several products, I came across a humble stall—well half of a stall at least. On the table was displayed a dozen wooden bowls with what looked like your basic greasy homemade potato chips. You know when people say looks can often be deceiving? I was deceived all right. They were actually a mix of freshly baked organic sweet potatoes and regular potatoes.

It’s the healthiest combo that is just as pleasurable and crisp and flavorful as your regular mass-produced deep-fried favorite snack. You can munch on it to your heart’s content without worrying at all. And I suggest you take a break for a bit and nibble on a few handfuls of this comfort food substitute.

3. Pinoy Ordurvs

With its fancy name you’d think it is made out of all these imported ingredients manipulated into Pinoy concoctions. This one’s pretty popular for its gourmet tuyo—using a main ingredient that is a staple in Pinoy breakfasts. Their products also use all sorts of local produce at sea and land to make special dips and hors d’oeuvre or starters.

I particularly enjoyed the Malunggay Pesto Dip. Instead of using regular basil which is a common ingredient in pesto, they used Malunggay. Did you know that the Malunggay tree is categorized as a weed because it grows just anywhere? It also has incredible healing and health properties that can fight several illnesses and boost the immune system. Because it’s so accessible, mothers in the developing nations use it to fight malnutrition when nursing their babies. The Malunggay Pesto Dip tastes good, smells great, and is packed with nutrition. You can put it in pasta or just use it as a dip when snacking—and that makes it even more fantastic!


So Salcedo’s already got the great and healthy appetizers and snacks right? But would you believe they also have gluten-free desserts? Pastries and sweet things without gluten just sound absurd, but it’s totally possible. Their classic chocolate chip cookies are divine, and as cliché as it sounds, incredibly guilt-free! There are substitutes for gluten-filled ingredients such as flour from grains like almond or coconut flour.

When I’m craving for some sweet pastries and cookies, I’m definitely going to look for Gerald’s desserts. It may not taste exactly the same as regular cookies and they have very different textures, but they’re just as good. Gerald’s products have their own distinct goodness. I loved every bit and crumb of it. Am I so glad I dropped by their stall! Go ahead and check them out too!

5. Pili and Pino

In the Filipino culture, breakfast is vital. It’s the most important meal of the day. I can’t imagine myself going about my morning errands and routine without breakfast. And one of my favorite breakfast staples is the Pili and Pino’s pancakes and jams. Hands down, nothing can go wrong with this organic duo. You can also have several flavors of jams and pancakes of whatever you fancy! It’s also important to note that they use native ingredients too which highlights their support for the local products.

According to their history, “Pili” means they use select local ingredients, and “Pino” refers to their “pursuit of fine, uncompromising quality.” Quite witty and true to their claim. Their name also a word play for “Pilipino.” Their favorite ingredient is the coconut—the plant of life that created the rest of their products. I loved all the local jam flavors like guyabano, guava, mango, etc. and the pancake mix flavors like classic and ube. I haven’t tried their granola bars and cookies yet, but I bet they are to-die-for. You can also avail these Pili and Pino products from several organic produce groceries near you.

6. Take Root

Kale leaves might seem so overrated to most, but you haven’t heard yet of the many benefits this leafy veggie can give you. Take Root has their own version of Kale chips that make my tastebuds very happy. They not only taste good, but also make me feel good too. Kale chips are low in calorie content, high in fiber and contain zero fat. I could just munch on them all day! This is pretty much why people with diabetes or diabetic tendencies include Kale in their diet. Most vegetables are just too starchy.

Now combine leafy greens (or purples—their colors vary) with all sorts of wonderful flavors like sour cream, margherita (yes, like the pizza), and vegan cheese; I don’t know how you can resist. There are dozens more flavors from Take Root that will make this latest veggie favorite even more delightful. Visit their website to order or better yet exercise those legs around Salcedo Market and try them Kale Chips at the Take Root stall.

There you have it, my top 6 Salcedo recommendations for you. There’s really so many more to check out there. You should really go and visit the Salcedo market especially if you are also a health and wellness nut like me.

How about you, what are your favorite Salcedo Market finds? Please do share them on the comments because I love trying out new products and discover other brands that will help me advocate the healthy lifestyle.