Confidently Beautiful

Last March 29 2017, I was invited by a friend to be a guest speaker at Del Monte’s Women’s Month. This was part of a series of activities focused on celebrating the women in their company.

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One of the activities they had lined up was a movie night featuring a film called Soul Surfer. They also organized a Women’s Health Check & Awareness activity, which offered free bone scanning, BMI checks, cervical cancer screening and other health-related services from their corporate health partners.  Then, one full day was dedicated just for the talks.

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There were two topics featured that day. The first, in the morning, was Power to Perform. This was facilitated by a certified Professional Coach, Joanna Ycasiano-Dejos. She spoke about tapping into your whole potential. During this session, members of the OpCom Women Leaders also shared about how knowing what matters most in life allowed them to make positive changes in the different dimensions of their being, and how habits help them to have greater energy.

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My talk focused on the impact that visual image has on a person’s credibility and self-confidence. We discussed grooming and appearance, and appropriate business dressing. We also tackled body shape, which turned out to be the favorite topics, from understanding your shape to the dos and donts for each body shape, as well as what to wear.  

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My final topic, and also the most exciting, was color analysis. Here we had actual activities to analyze and determine the best color to wear for each person’s skin tone. There were a lot of “aha” moments during this segment, as the women discovered whether they had cool or warm skin tones.

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Here are some snippets from my Confidently Beautiful talk with Del Monte for you to enjoy.

My favorite part about being able to give talks like this is hearing comments from my audience afterwards. As for my session with Del Monte, I am very happy with the feedback I’ve gotten. The participants say that they are now confident in their own beauty. They also know the importance of colors now, and the value of finding the proper clothes to wear. I’m glad that I have been able to add value to each one of their lives, and that they are encouraged to look good and be confident, both inside and out.

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I look forward to having more opportunities to inspire women to be the better version of themselves, whether it’s for Women’s Month or any other time of the year. Please feel free to visit our website at for info about what we do and how we can help you be extraordinary inside and out..