Discover The New You: The 2018 Department of Tourism National Women’s Month Celebration

Last February, our office received an inquiry from Ms. Dinnah of the Department of Tourism Central Office. She informed us that they were planning a seminar on professional image enhancement for their employees, in line with the office’s Women’s Month celebration. In response, I sat down with their team, headed by Human Resource Division Chief, Ms. Sofia C. Pagsuyuin. After an enlightening and exciting meeting about their objectives and goals, we all agreed on a March 8 seminar date at the Department of Tourism Office’s Multipurpose Hall.

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The goal of the program was simply to help boost the confidence and self-esteem of the DoT employees, and educate them on the importance of professional image. Also, to improve employee morale, boost performance, establish effective communication within the team, and build stronger relationships and promote teamwork.

In the 2 hours that I had with the participants, I gave them an overall idea of how their image can unleash their potentials. I taught them that creating a good image is incredibly important, both in their personal and professional success, and that you only have less than five seconds to grab people’s attention and convey your message.

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The event was open to all employees, and the mix of attendees that we had was very good. That day, I had both male and female attendees, averaging from 22 to 45 years in age, and ranging from office staff to managers. It’s great that I got to communicate with people from different levels and positions. I firmly believe that when these employees are confident about their image, they become more productive, develop good working relationships, and can transform into ideal ambassadors of the DOT.

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The session was well-aligned with the mission of the Department Tourism, and also resonated well with the audience. We have received great feedback, and many participants hoped that we had more time and even more sessions on this topic. The attendees report that they now know the true impact of the way they speak, act and communicate. They have become more mindful in making the right choices, and pay closer attention to their image with the intention of inspiring others. They now truly see how their image is affected by their beliefs and choices.

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Now ask yourself, how can confidence be developed in your workplace? How can you communicate properly with employees and clients? How can your team be better presented as polished professionals? With the help of our array of professional development programs, your organization can and will stand out and shine.

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Remember that your image and personal brand can make or break a future career opportunity, and can also affect the image of your company. Your first impression is how you will be remembered, It’s up to you to choose to stand-out or blend-in. Learn how to develop a Personal Brand and Professional Image that can truly impress! Visit us at to explore your options today.