Right at Home with Green Daisy Organic

Restaurants are fine and dandy, but when it comes down to which one is the best dining place, we can all agree to one thing: nothing tastes better than home. Our nostalgic memories of eating our favorite meals with our loved ones, remains a strong factor on how we develop our taste and preferences in food.

Quietly sitting along Maginhawa Street is an old soul in the form of Green Daisy Organic, with home-made comfort food laced with love that is the next best thing to mom’s cooking.

Embraced by tall trees and bushes, you won’t be blamed if you missed the restaurant on your first visit as it has no signage display during weekdays. The large gate opens up to the general public as a weekend market, which sometimes hosts activities and workshops related to farming, gardening, and sustainability. The restaurant, which is also the owner’s own home, houses a small garden enclosure where family and friends can share a meal together and celebrate the goodness of real food made from organic ingredients sourced from farms as far as the Mountain Province up north. They also sell fresh ingredients and self-branded organic products, made from their farm in Alicia, Isabela.

The owner’s personal cook makes the guests’ meals, and she was also the one who personally took my order upon my visit to the venue. On a regular basis, the selection is mostly Italian, so I tried the classics: pasta and pizza for Php 720. For the pasta, I ordered the Pasta Margarita, which was a surprisingly creamy tomato-based sauce with cheese, organic vegetables and fresh herbs. The pasta was al dente, and the sauce light and smooth. As for the pizza, I got a combination of two flavors: the Mozzarella and Vegetables flavor, and Mozzarella with Meat and Vegetables. As everything was made to order, I was impressed with how fast it was prepared and cooked. The pizza was soft, flavorful with just the right amount of crunch from the vegetable toppings. It was warm and tasty—each slice served goodness without the guilt, and I didn’t have that greasy feeling afterwards. It felt like a truly healthy dish. And to add, the atmosphere of the place really helps you unwind and simply relax.

I encourage you to visit Green Daisy Organic especially on a slow day. You get to experience the soothing ambience of the garden by yourself or with your friends, and you can easily have a good time with good food and great company. However, the menu unpredictably shifts depending on what the owners want to serve, so they don’t really have a set menu. So experience it for yourself and reserve tables or simply walk into Green Daisy Organic at 20 Maginhawa Street, Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. Sometimes they may be difficult to contact, as they don’t have an official landline number, website, or social media presence. It is however, easy to locate via a simple search on Google.

If you are out and away from home, satisfy your craving for the familiar warmth and love of your mom’s home-cooked meals with Green Daisy Organic’s variety of healthy and organic dishes. The trip to their restaurant is not only good for the tummy, but for every longing soul.


Address: 20 MAGINHAWA STREET, UP VILLAGE Quezon City, Philippines | Google Map

Contact Numbers: (02) 922 2409 | (0917) 814 8262

Email: greendaisy.organic @yahoo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Green-Daisy-Organic-Maginhawa/302931796538695