The Natural Beauty of Pulangbato Falls in Negros Oriental

If you happen to find yourself taking a quick trip to Valencia, be sure to stop by Pulangbato Falls before you head back to Dumaguete City. This nature-destination is a short drive away from Tierra Alta, only about 10 minutes by car or van.

The name Pulangbato literally translates to Red Rock in English. As the name suggests, the rocks on the riverbed of this waterfall are colored red due to the abundance of sulfur in the area.

On the drive up to the falls, you will actually pass by a number of sulfur gas leaks within the rock formations. These are a sight to behold, but also quite an assault to the senses, as sulfur gas can smell rather unpleasant.

I stopped by the side of the road to take some photos, as most tourists do. Residents of the area warn, however, not to go too far off the road because the ground here is loose in some places and may collapse any time. Not to worry, though, there are signs for tourists that mark the areas where it is safe to stand.

The area where I stopped was only about five meters from the point where I took a right turn on the road to approach the area of the falls. Then, from the main road, it was only a 2-minute drive more to reach the entrance to the falls. I had to pay an entrance fee of PHP30, and for kids, the fee is only PHP10.

Inside, you will find cottages where you can lounge when you aren’t swimming, and where you can leave your things. Cottage rates range from PHP200 to PHP500 depending on the size.

There are three falls in the area – one small, one medium, and a large one. The smallest waterfall is located above the medium-sized one, and requires a bit of climbing getting to. It is not so difficult, as there are stairs you can take going up. However, you cannot swim in it because there are no pathways that lead directly into the small waterfall.

You can swim in the medium-sized waterfall, as well as the largest one. These falls may not be that grand as far as size goes, but all are breathtakingly beautiful. Apart from the falls, there is also a swimming pool whose water comes from the flowing falls. The water in these falls and pools can be quite cold, making this a great place to go to cool off during hot summer months.

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