Professional Training for Helping Hand Development Cooperative

One of the perks of my job as a corporate trainer and motivational speaker is meeting new people. At a recent talk with members of the PCCI Las Pinas Chapter, I was introduced to the top executives of Helping Hand Development Cooperative.

HHDC is a multi-purpose cooperative that provides livelihood, training, education, and financial help to its members and their dependents. The organization wants its members to love God and others and to have hearts that are ready to help.

Mr. John Garay Jr. (CEO of HHDC) and Mr. Simone Joseph (Chairman of HHDC) agreed to book two of my workshops after hearing my talk on Executive Presence.

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HHDC Vision

Part of the vision of HHDC is to provide quality training and character development programs to its members. So the 2-day Executive Presence Masterclass and the 1-day Work Ethics and Professionalism fit the bill.

The goals of the workshops were to build Executive Presence to its members, to increase productivity, and to observe proper work ethics and professionalism.

We spent three days (January 18 to 20, 2019) at the Reformare Wellness Center in Cavite. It is a treatment and rehabilitation facility for individuals suffering from substance abuse and related disorders.

Executive Presence Masterclass

The first day of the Executive Presence Masterclass was about discovering themselves. The participants had the opportunity to define (if they have not) or redefine their purpose and meaning. When they are able to find their true purpose, they will see their need to develop themselves and embrace growth. A change in perspective will change their behavior.

As the days progress, the participants knew to build a new image. They realized that creating a positive first impression is critical. To leave an impact, they need to brush up on their communication skills, change negative behavior, and improve their physical appearance.

Work Ethics and Professionalism

Practicing good work ethics is waning in organizations today. In the same way, the level of professionalism is depreciating. Leaders with low work ethics will produce subordinates who are lazy and unprofessional. The revival of these work habits was presented to the participants. It was crucial to their productivity and customer experience.


What is your vision for your company? Do you forsee a company with employees who practice work ethics and professionalism with consistency?

Help your team grow by hiring a Corporate Trainer, Motivational Keynote Speaker and an Internationally Certified Image Strategist in the Philippines. The Work Ethics and Professionalism Training Program and Executive Presence Masterclass will empower leaders, boost customer experience, and increase productivity.

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