Trending Colors and Style for 2019 at SM Aura’s Chinese New Year Celebration

It was a delight to speak on lucky colors and styles for 2019 at the Chinese New Year Celebration at SM Aura. Write on Track together with SM Aura Premier and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China spearheaded the event.

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One of the highlights of the event was the Chinese opera performed by Jiang Xue Xue. Teachers and volunteers from Confucious Institute at Angeles University Foundation showcased the Chinese culture with their performances. There were other booths that showcased Chinese culture which included tea tasting, chinese paper cuttting, caligraphy, and the dragon dance.

Ms Koko Tamura, COO of Write on Track and my colleague at NEW, invited me to speak on ‘Color and Style for 2019’ on February 3, 2019.

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chinese new year 2019

Feng Shui experts say that the lucky colors for the Year of the Pig would come from the Fire and Metal elements. Colors that imbibe the fire element are red, orange, and pink. While metal elements include white, gold, and silver. For styles, they recommend those with flowing effect on fabrics or feathers.

As an Image Consultant, I suggest the following:

  • Know your skin undertone. Choosing the correct color that matches your skin undertone will make you look radiant. Wearing the wrong colors for your tone will make you look dull, sickly, and appear darker.
  • Understand your body shape to determine the style, the type of fabric and cut that will enhance your body shape.
  • Practice good grooming and wear appropriate clothes.
  • Discover your personal style as determined by your daily activities.
  • Sport the correct hairstyle.
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