A Productive Talk On Basic Customer Service And Communication Skills

Prime Meridian HR Consultancy, Inc. recently invited me to conduct a seminar on Basic Customer Service and Communication Skills. Established in 2005, Prime Meridian is a trusted HR partner, equipped with a team of HR practitioners, a diverse network of candidates, and competitive operational tools and devices. The organization aims to fully utilize resources to provide clients with the workforce services and solutions needed to maximize results, and ensure the welfare of the company.

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This seminar was for selected employees of Seacrest Maritime Management Inc., and Auriga Maritime Services Corporation. My task was to come up with a one-day program for them that would help participants achieve effective oral and written communication skills, learn the appropriate application of grammar rules, and improve their business correspondences overall. Along with this, I also had to incorporate topics such as building self-confidence, establishing rapport with clients, and having a systematic approach to handling customer complaints.

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The program I came up with entailed several activities that would hone communication skills, and practical exercises for developing the right mindset when handling customer service queries and issues. It was a challenge compressing everything into a single day, because this type of lineup is best spread out over two to three days. But, by God’s grace, we were able to cover everything in just one day. And, from the feedback gathered from the participants, the goals we set out to accomplish were actually achieved.

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Collectively, the participants felt that the session was really effective, interesting, and inspiring. They liked my positivity as a speaker, and believed that I covered the topics at hand well, through a mix of detailed discussions and sharing of personal experiences. Some felt like they had gained a new awareness of their image, and said that the session made a huge impact on them personally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Overall, the participants agreed that they can now communicate better, perform their customer service tasks more efficiently, and provide their clients with a better experience.

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Here are some snippets from my session with Prime Meridian for you to enjoy.

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