Poweredge Solutions Phils Levels up with Executive Presence Masterclass

If corporate leaders find cultivating executive presence challenging, what more engineers. It may be uncomfortable for this group because their expertise is on the technical side. The ability to inspire and influence others is not a priority.

When I facilitated a lunch and learn session on Executive Presence for IT experts, I knew that empowering the ‘technical’ people is possible. After all, Executive Presence is relevant to anyone regardless of the profession or industry.

On March 4 to 8, 2019, I had the opportunity to do that. I presented a 2-day and 3-day Executive Presence Masterclass for Poweredge Solutions Phils. Inc. Batch 1 participants were all male, comprising the service engineers, warehousemen, and messengers.

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Batch 2 includes the MANCOM, Sales and Marketing Team, HR and the admin.

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Poweredge provides Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS), Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), and Industrial Batteries to their clients. Poweredge partners with companies in various industries such as medical, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), networking, manufacturing, industrial, voice and data communications, banking and finance, and government institutions.

The company is currently adhering to the “Poweredge 2.0 Program”. They want to improve their image as well as their employees. The Executive Presence Masterclass will help boost employee confidence and unleash their potential.

Poweredge wishes to:

  • Improve employees’ punctuality
  • Comply with company rules and protocol
  • Improve communication skills to address conflicts
  • Address behavior and character issues
  • Focus on teamwork
  • Improve company dynamics
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The company has its own training room which was conducive for extensive training. They also had a lounge for the breakout sessions and a pantry for the Formal Dining Etiquette exercise. I was so happy with the good food they served during the long training days.

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At the end of the training program, the participants were able to:

  • define their purpose and find meaning in life through a process of self-discovery
  • create their personal vision and align it with the company’s vision
  • take full responsibility for one’s future and be proactive in self-development
  • create an image that establishes them as an expert
  • dress appropriately by adhering to Power Dressing Principles
  • build strong relationships through effective communication
  • build self-confidence
  • apply and practice the skill of Executive Presence daily
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At the end of the programs, I have received encouraging messages from the participants.

Thank you for sharing your story. It made me realize that my childhood plays a vital role in my individuality – experiences, coping mechanisms and choices. I was crying inside while listening to you. I will change for the better and improve my executive presence to represent the company well and be an inspiration – IVY

Thank you for inspiring us. I learned that I need to understand myself first before becoming a better person. Hopefully, we may apply what we learned and create an inspiring team & company. I have learned that grooming and image improvement is also part of self-growth and that having an executive presence is a choice. I choose not to be stubborn anymore. Thank you and God Bless – Allen

I learned that people have their own past that created their character. But I also learned that people can be changed for the better. EP is a holistic approach. Personally, I will make sure that I do it and achieve in the future the vision and mission of the company. Ms. Toni, I am so happy and grateful that I met you. The teachings that you shared to us are so valuable and no amount of money can match the inspiration and positive changes it will bring to the Poweredge team and myself. God bless you more and continue to inspire Others – Lucien Magpantay

The lessons and tips that I got on how to create EP/ Image really encourage me to work hard and be dedicated to my work. I really loved the training program. Thank you very much, Ms. Toni, for enlightening me especially on learning how to admit and let go of pride. The lessons you’ve shared to us really boosted my confidence in how to communicate with clients and bosses – Jeff

I commit to always practice good grooming, to be punctual, and to look authoritative. Thank you, Ma’am Toni, for the knowledge you gave us in this Executive presence Masterclass. I learned many things and thank you for sharing your past life. It inspired me to pray and trust God and work with passion. – Alvin

I commend the organizers for including all employees, from rank and file to executives, in the program. It was a pleasure working with a company who is intentional in providing professional development to their people.

Here are just some of the participants who immediately put to practice what they learned from the Executive Presence Masterclass. Everyone looked polished and professional, which will help them improve their image and gain confidence.

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Poweredge Batch 1 Graduates of Executive Presence Masterclass

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Poweredge Batch 2 Graduates of Executive Presence Masterclass

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Do want to raise the competency levels of your employees? Do you want your company to be top of mind and considered an expert in your field?

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