Tips on Building Your Personal Branding

Your personal brand is the image you present to your audience. It is what will be identified with you and all that you value or stand for as a person or business. Therefore, it is not only important to have a personal branding but to build a strong one that encapsulates you and your principles.

Personal branding is a significant factor in growing your influence or business. I have discussed in previous posts what personal branding is all about and the benefits you can gain from having one. In this post, I will share with you a few tips on building your personal branding.

Tip #1: Define your brand values.

This process is best done with mentors, bosses, friends and family.  In defining your brand values, it is important to emphasize distinctive qualities that you have, your best attributes or how you think they contribute best to your work environment.  Think of yourself as a brand and identify your personal interests or passions. Identify aspects like: what do you love doing, what are the personal traits or skills you possess that you are proud of, and what your expertise is. The more you are able to determine your distinct features, the more defined your brand values can be.

Tip #2: Let your presence be felt.

Having your own website is essential if you want to have a strong personal branding. Your website must have a well-written bio or “About Me” page that includes details like your name, history of your company, your portfolio, and other information that you are willing to share with your audience. It is also better to have a blog page where you can share your insights about matters pertinent to your niche. Make sure your website has a clean and simple interface to make it user-friendly.

Whether online or offline, it is crucial that your personal brand is made available and within reach by your audience. Join conferences that cater to your industry, socialize with people and other brands, and establish your network. Accommodate invitations to speak in events related to your personal brand. It is also best to take advantage of social media; create profiles where you want your influence to be felt and where it is best applicable. Make sure your updates are professional yet personal and not merely about marketing. Engage your audience and interact with them as you would on a face-to-face level. Share updates about you or your business and make it relevant to your followers. Have your own website.

Tip #3: Establish yourself as trusted resource.

Enhancing your knowledge and skills about your product or service is part of creating your personal brand. Keep yourself updated on the latest trends and how to stay relevant to your audience. Be a reliable source of information when it comes to topics related to your industry. People are always drawn to individuals or businesses that add value to their lives, so strive to provide them that.

Tip #4: Be consistent.

Make sure you convey one message across all the platforms you present yourself into. Consistency in communicating your image and all that your company stands for helps people remember you easier and better. You have to truly live out what you say you value and show others that you walk the talk. A strong personal branding is built on credibility, which is only achievable through consistency.

Tip #5: Image Management and Visual Impact

Your image represents the things that are important to you. Your appearance communicates messages.  You are the walking talking representation of your brand.  Image management starts with your wardrobe.  What colors to represent your brand, choosing a style, accessories, shoes, grooming details and fit. All these should be consistent with your personal brand.

With these five tips, you can jumpstart your development of a strong personal brand that will make you and your business truly stand out in today’s competitive environment. For expert advice on developing and enhancing personal branding for individuals and corporate groups, Radiance Image Consultancy can help. Contact us today, or find out how an image consultant can help you build a personal brand.