Executive Presence for Leaders Workshop for the Powermax Consulting Group

On October 23, 2018, I conducted the Executive Presence for Leaders for the Powermax Consulting Group. Powermax organizes seminars, workshops, and summits to equip and improve the knowledge and skills of professionals in various fields. I am proud to be one of their accredited professional trainers.

The workshops I present to the group are on a regular basis and covers various topics. These include Strengthening the Impact of Leadership, Improving the Customer Experience and Increasing Profitability through the Power of Executive Presence. I also facilitate the WAVE, which is Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Program.

Did you know that having Executive Presence impacts leadership? Read more on Executive Presence and discover how it can help your company executives, managers, and department heads.

The Executive Presence Program helps participants improve their professional image branding. This will help them make better connections with clients and colleagues. Having Executive Presence will change the way they view work. As a result, their work performance will improve.

In the end, the participants will learn how to project a brand image as a leader. First impressions almost always create a lasting impression. They will know how to choose the right clothes to wear that adhere to professional dress codes.

The program will teach them how to create an image that gives self-confidence and projects credibility. With these tools, they will be able to adopt a new way of building rapport with others.

Here are some feedbacks from the Powermax participants:

As a government employee, we don’t give any attention to how we look. We just go to work in our uniforms often without makeup. This will help me now to improve on myself and to achieve the goal that I want, which is a promotion. Thank you again for this Executive Presence seminar. -Dr. Diovi Alarcio-Diesmos

Today, I learned that I am a people-pleaser. I learned that my potential is not fully developed and I realized that I have what it takes to be a good leader. Thank you to Power Max for this opportunity to learn more about myself and for me to develop what I have to give to other people. – Leo Pura of Pacific Rim Innovations and Management Inc.

Today, I learned firsthand the importance of brand image and how you carry yourself. I learned the importance of being prompt, proper posture, the way you carry yourself, and the way you deal with other people. I’m looking forward to being a better me in the coming days. -Jason Chen from Springer International Inc.

Watch a snippet of my talk on Executive Presence for Powermax.

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