Three Benefits of a Radiant Minimalist Journey

The Minimalist Beauty Lifestyle came is a result of my life journey. I was a busy working woman who defined success by possessions, money, and social status. Even if I advanced in my career, I was never contented. I continued to accumulate stuff and followed pointless pursuits.

Finally, I had a breakthrough.

My relentless quest for material things and wrong priorities became so exhausting. I grew weary of the kind of life I was living. Then, by the grace of God, He removed this wrong belief in my heart and mind. He changed the way I live my life today. That’s when I started embracing this minimalist beauty lifestyle, and when I did, I was free.

Here are three benefits of following the minimalist beauty lifestyle:

1. You inspire yourself. Inspiration starts from within. When you know your purpose or your ‘why’ then you can set your priorities better. You are open to taking on activities that support your why. Other things that do not align with this purpose is set aside or ignored altogether. As you follow this renewed purpose, you need strength to persevere. You’ll need to empower your physical bodies, your mind, and your soul. Then, you will be able remove distractions from your life and you will have a new understanding of who you are.

You will start to highlight your strengths and work on your weaknesses. A new mindset emerges and a new goal is set.

2. You inspire others. Now that you have a new inspiration, you imbibe positivity, which is contagious. The way you behave affects other people.

We are naturally selfish people. We think only of ourselves all the time. We do not care if our actions affect other people but they do.

The more inspired we are, the more we will value our responsibility towards others. We can pass on the inspiration by the way we speak, the way we act and the way we carry ourselves. This creates a positive and lasting impression on others.

Appearance does matter and how we look reflects what is inside of us. If we project that positivity, it is easier to connect with other people.

How do we do this? We must be aware of our nonverbal cues. Others should see this in our facial expression, gestures, body language and tone of voice.

3. You inspire a legacy. A legacy is not only passing on riches or possession to our children. It is also a way of leaving an imprint of our lives to others.

Billy Graham says that the legacy we leave behind is not money or any material possession, but a legacy of character and faith. We all want that. We want to leave something intangible behind not only to our children but to the people we influence. When we follow the minimalist beauty lifestyle, we have more time to pursue what is important. We have time to sharpen the saw by learning new things. Then, we pass it on.

We don’t keep it to ourselves. In everything we do, we learn to draw confidence from God. He provides wisdom when we ask. He guides us daily as we develop our relationship with Him. As we continue to seek God, He will also sustain us and provide us with wisdom, strength, courage, and grace daily.

Where do you see these effects on a daily basis? We see them when

  • We are able to focus on our health
  • We are able to find peace and joy despite trying circumstances
  • We are able to purge and organize our wardrobe
  • We are able to stop ourselves from excessive buying
  • We are able to pay off our debts
  • We are able to save money and have more time with family
  • We are able to build on our relationships
  • We are able to live a meaningful life by living with only the essentials
  • We are able to make decisions with God-confidence and less frustrations
  • We are able to follow God’s purpose for our life and remove distractions
  • We are able to have a more intimate relationship with God
  • We are able to empower other women to become Minimalist Beauty Queen as well

Discover the true value of the radiant minimalist lifestyle.