Work Attitude and Value Enhancement Program for Powermax

“Happiness is the real sense of fulfillment that comes from hard work.” This is the ideal work ethic and growth mindset that employees or managers should adopt.

I am an accredited professional trainer of Powermax Consulting Group, Inc. Powermax and I collaborate to offer workshops to the public such as:

  • The Impact of First Impressions
  • Executive Presence
  • Personality Development and Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Program.

All these courses are about strengthening the impact of leadership, improving the customer experience, and increasing profitability.

On November 15, 2018, I conducted the Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Program or WAVE for Powermax. This is an offshoot of the personality development training program. WAVE aims to develop the right attitude, the correct mindset for work, and a positive attitude of participants. They will also understand their character, their desires, and how their relevance in the workplace can make them more productive.

The program assists the participants in understanding their purpose and meaning in work life. It allows them to align their personal mission, vision, and values to that of the organization. In the end, the participants can make a commitment to change their work attitude and behavior. They will be aligning their personal goals with the goals and values of the organization.

I recommend the WAVE Program to corporate organizations looking to educate their employees about Executive Presence, Values Enhancement, Leadership Skills, Improving Customer Experience, and Increasing Productivity.

A Must in the Corporate World

I recommend the WAVE Program to corporate organizations looking to educate their employees about Executive Presence, Values Enhancement, Leadership Skills, Improving Customer Experience, and Increasing Productivity.

Executive Presence is the totality borne out of a person’s desirable traits that translate his or her compelling purpose, the actualization of core competencies, and an affirmed demonstration of God-confidence.

It leaves a distinct impression of a person’s command, attitude, behavior, interactions with the people around him. It is what a person can achieve on a higher level of responsibility and accountability.

Executive Presence is a powerful enabler and an effective leadership tool. It is a winning formula that can lead and inspire people. These people exhibit confidence, are worthy of trust, and are positive influencers.

Prescription for Success

Leadership is the overused work that is crucial to all organizations. Members need leaders to emulate, follow, learn from, and grow with. Leadership exemplifies motivation, accountability, decisiveness, knowledge, and focus. Value enhancement is a short-term transformation that generates long-term benefits for the stakeholders.

According to research, roughly 60% of organizations consider customer service as the top priority. The focus of businesses has now shifted to providing the best customer experience. Companies hire personnel who have a positive attitude and are trustworthy. The company depends on their capability to deal with customer-related issues. Their ability to pacify an angry customer or address a client’s complaint is a skill. This will result in positive customer experience, boost sales, and customer loyalty.

The 1-day WAVE Program elicited positive responses from the participants. Tanya, a female participant, admitted that she was able to find time to think about where she is now. She put together all the things that happened to her in the past and find purpose in life. Meanwhile, Joy Balagot said, “I was so impressed with how Ms. Toni was very open with her experience as an example, so we will understand this program. I am very thankful to her.”

Did you know that your employees’ work attitude impacts their productivity? And that this attitude translates to customer experience which can define your organization or company?

Radiance Image Consultancy can help your employees improve work attitude and develop new values. This boosts company’s customer experience, productivity, and impactful leadership. We offer various training programs which include The Impact of First Impressions, Executive Presence and Leadership Branding Masterclass, Work Ethics and Professionalism, and Minimalist Beauty Queen. Get in touch with Radiance Image for your corporate programs, keynote talks, and short workshops.

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